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Blue Tongue Skink Breeding?

Discussion in 'Skinks' started by aromatherapykim, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. aromatherapykim

    aromatherapykim Elite Member

    So my local exotic pet store has a proven pair of blue tongue skinks. They're sooo sweet! Theyre for sale for $269. I walked away from it today realizing that I'm moving in a month, not more then across town but still moving all the tanks will be a task. Also I did not walk into the store planning to breed skinks so I wanted to stop and see if this is a realistic option for me.
    Suggestions? Advice? Opinions?
    If If I got them what size tank would they need?
    Where could I find information of bts breeding?
  2. NancyA

    NancyA Elite Member

    You would need two tanks because blue tongues can not be housed together except when breeding and even then you may not want to leave them together for long. Their breeding is violent with the female commonly getting severely hurt. Tanks for each will need to be a minimum of 48"x24"x18" Once the female gives birth you will need additional tanks for the babies. They give birth to anywhere from 10 to 20 babies after 100 days. Before you begin the project call the vets in your area and ask them if they have blue tongues in their practice. They are not the same as other lizards physically and the vet needs to know how to treat them.

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