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Blood Python Preparation for Beginners

Discussion in 'Blood Pythons' started by Koogar, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Koogar

    Koogar Active Member

    I found someone selling a breeding pair of blood pythons and it got me curious. With getting my balls settled, I have no intention of getting this pair but I've only worked with one blood before and she was a very calm snake. She did educational events and was only a little cage aggressive after holidays.

    I'm thinking sometime in the future I may want to get a blood. Probably not for breeding, just my own enjoyment. What should I know before I decide to go get one? Minimum housing requirements? Temps? Humidity? I presume feeding standards are the same as with any other snake, one and a half times thickest point in the snake? I do know they typically have poor vision and tend to be more aggressive with less light.
  2. mnwoods

    mnwoods Active Member

    I want a blood python, but I have only dealt with balls.I would also like some info.

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