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Blood Python Help

Discussion in 'Blood Pythons' started by ILOVESNAKESSSS, May 20, 2013.

  1. my sumatran blood python is in an 28QT tub, the tub is a little less than halfway full with aspen bedding that is covered completely in sphangus moss, the hide also has sphangus moss in it so its cozy in there for him. the ambient temp is at 80 and 85 degrees, the hot spot is at 87 and 88 dregree, the humidity is at a constant 75 to 80% and no mites, oh and water bowl.
    my problem is that i rescued him from a pet store i dont usually buy animal from pet stores due to the fact that most of them are doing it for the money instead for the love of the animals and their . i saw this sumatran blood python that was in such bad shape that i just couldnt help myself to buy him and give him a nice home. i dont support pet stores like this, but i just couldnt let that snake suffer like that anymore, why is this animal paying for this irresponsible store owener?. anyways i got him home and he wouldnt really eat the guy said that he was feeding him live fuzzies, now that ridiculous because ive seen some 3 month old bloods take down adult mice. anyways the snake was 2 feet long and supper skinny it looked like he didnt eat for over six months, his skin was super watery and he was not active at all, so i offered him some food and he didnt eat i waited a week and offedred food again and nothing, another week went by and nothing so i assist fed him with a small size mice, he had trouble swallowing him but he kept it down. after a week i offered food again and he now had the stength to at least hiss at me but didnt take the food, i then waited another week and nothing so i assist fed him a bigger mice again he kept it down, after that i told myself that i was not going to assit feed it again and that not every snake can be saved. i mean it when i say this snake was skinny you could actually see his ribs and back bone really sad. after having assist fed it twice i notice that the snake started to gain some weight and that he was way more active also he was now drinking water. i left him alone for about a month and i went to check on him and he looked ok and i notice that he had recently pooped i cleand it and then i went to grab him and he would come after my hand so i covered his head and grabbed him and he stops being aggressive completely i then put him back and went to grab him again and he tagged me no biggie didnt hurt i then offered him a hoopers rat F/T at about 22 grams and left it near his head and left him alone, five minutes later he had the head completely in his mouth and sucsees he ate it.
    Now my question is will he ever trust me again after assist feeding him?
    will he tame out with more frequent handling? does he hate me for it?
    i own 11 snakes so i get bit here and there and its no biggie to take a bite from him at 2 feet but it will be at 6 feet so any advise would be helpful
  2. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    Please try to break up your paragraphs and don't use run on sentences.... not trying to be mean it just makes it difficult to read.

    As for the python issue, considering as he's a rescue i wouldn't exactly expect him to turn around immediately. I dont think he will be mad at you forever, but it will take a lot of time and work to get him to be nicer.

    After he seems to be as close to fully recovered as you can get him, I would work with him the same way you work with any other mean snake. He should turn around eventually.

    However, keep in mind that blood pythons are notorious for having bad temperaments, so he may never calm down or turn around to be a super nice snake. Patience is key I think.

    Also, kudos to you for rescuing the poor little bugger.
  3. sorry about that, i tryed posting it 3 time and it wouldn't let me. i had to write it all over, so that last time i was kind of frustrated and didnt care about misspellings. but im just glad he finally ate by himself, and i think he was just a little cage aggresive due to the fact that i didnt handle him for a month. also thanks for the support and good advise.
  4. wildHatched

    wildHatched New Member

    If you don't think that 99 out of 100 on fauna classifieds and market king snake are "doing it for the money instead for the love of the animals" then you are pathetically naive.
  5. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    They said "pet shop" not "fauna classifieds" or "market king snake". There are legitimate pet places that care about reptiles and give them genuine care. And if you believe 99 out of 100 pet places are doing it for the money instead of for the love of the animals, then you are pathetically pessimistic.

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