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Blind 5 Lined Skink?

Discussion in 'Skinks' started by mrskinkles, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. mrskinkles

    mrskinkles New Member

    I've had Mr. Skinkles for about a year now, and he's always eaten properly and drank enough water, got enough UV and all that jazz, and he's always enjoyed a spacious 20 gallon long tank with aspen shavings and gut loaded, dusted crickets. But earlier today, my boyfriend waved his hands in front of Mr. Skinkles' eyes and he didn't respond. I held a cricket in plain sight and he sat there until the cricket touched him, then he ran away, straight into the cage glass. He's always run into the glass, I just thought he was a ditz. Same with how he let the crickets come to him instead of hunting them. My boyfriend and I are pretty sure he's blind, my only concern is is there anything I can do to make sure he's eating enough and not getting scared out of his mind every time a cricket nudges him?
  2. cassicat4

    cassicat4 Subscribed User Premium Member

    These skinks are generally skittish as it is, so it will likely take time for him to get used to being blind, if he is.
    Try offering a bowl of mealworms/kingworms. These are ideal for sight-impaired lizards, as they're easy to hunt down and eat, and don't tend to surprise them.

    On a different note, why are you using aspen shavings as substrate? These skinks are burrowers, so 3-4 inches of a diggable substrate i.e. peat moss/eco earth/coco fiber do well to allow them to burrow/tunnel.

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