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Black Milk Vs Mexican Black King

Discussion in 'Colubrids *General*' started by Knox, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    My Black Milk Snake arrived this morning. What I want to do over the next year is to show the differences in the Mexican Black King (MBK) and the Black Milk.

    Both of these snakes are 2011 hatchlings. The hatch date on the Milk is 10-10-11. I don’t know the hatch date on the MBK. However, it is quite clear that the Milk hatched much larger than the King. The King starts out jet black – mine has a white spot on her chin. The Milk will slowly darken with age.

    The King is a female, and the Milk is a male. From what I understand, the Black Milk males tend to be larger than the females, which is generally the opposite of North American snakes. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, as genetic strains play a vital role as well.

    The MBK is kept as any other North American Colubrid – warm spot in the mid 80’s, cool side mid 70’s.
    The Black Milk, however, is kept in the low to mid 70’s – perfect room temperature. No additional heat required.

    I hope you enjoy this little journey, and if you have any specific questions, I will do my best to answer them. And please, if any of my information seems to be in error, I welcome the correction.

    Mexican Black Kingsnake:



    Black Milk Snake:



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  2. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    I'm very excited to see these color changes!
  3. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    Black milksnake you say? It looks red to me, just

    Nice looking snakes thought, i like the sleek jet black on the king.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I love the look of that black king!
    And I wonder exactly what the benefits to the milk are.
    Its strange that they start out as a tri-color and then turn black!
  5. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    Word on the street is that the tri color is for camouflage; and as they grow, the black helps them soak up heat since they live in high altitudes.

    That's what I love about them - no extra heat needed.
  6. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Black Milks are on my wish list, lol. I think they get a little bigger than an MBK. My little MBK also has a white dot on her chin.
  7. bwebb

    bwebb New Member

    Both are beautiful snakes. I have a female black mexican... she's huge. I just bought her a boyfriend but it'll be a while before they can breed. he's just a juvi
  8. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    Sorry about deleting the pics. I have re-homed all of my snakes except for my Black Milk, and cleaned out my Photobucket recently. Congrats on your Mexican, bwebb. They are spectacular looking black snakes right out of the egg.

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