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Black Emperor Scorpion Advice Needed - Separating Mother from the Young.

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by deenasaur, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. deenasaur

    deenasaur New Member

    About 5 months ago, my black emperor scorpion gave birth to about 12 young. After doing some research, it was advised to separate the mother from the young after the first or second molting. There are approximate 10 young remaining, and most have started to take on their black/dark brown color.

    This is my first invertebrate pet, which I rescued from a person who was not a responsible owner, and was basically allowing her to starve. When I received her I noticed the bulge in her belly, but the previous owner had no idea when she mated. Now, me and "Dutchess" are proud mothers, but I do not was to see her eat any more of her young. The young are now slightly bigger than large crickets.

    The mother has pretty much excavated the entire bottom of the tank, and I'm worried about disturbing the substrate, causing a collapse of the cave she created. I'm obviously not too worried about her ability to dig herself out, but need advice on safely removing the babies, and feeding procedures after they are in a separate tank.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. And if anyone knows any breeders in the northeast ohio area that wouldn't mind taking them off my hands, I really dont know what to do with 10 baby emperor scorpions.

    -Deena D
  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Re: Black Emperor Scorpion Advice Needed - Separating Mother from the Young

    Well I would suggest using a cup(or your hands but a cup is safer) to gently scoop them out and out each one in their own set up to prevent fighting and make it easier for you to give away if you find owners that only want a few. Disposable Tupperware should be sufficient if its large enough.
    As far as feeding to could place some veggies in for the insects and then just throw smaller versions of whatever you feed the mom into the babies cages and let them cath the bugs on their own.

    Sorry I don't know of any breeders or collectors in your area. Have you tried a google search or posting an add on Craigslist?

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