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Bio Active Snake Terrarium Build

Discussion in 'Boas' started by Rainbowboas4life, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Rainbowboas4life

    Rainbowboas4life New Member

    Hello, I have a brazillian rainbow boa named athena, she is on a breeding program with another brb named ares, (snakes are only one year old but will always be housed separately) and im building a somewhat overkill terrarium 6ft by 2ft and i want it all to be nateral, ie; orchids, Bosnia, moss, pink springtails and purple isopods, and multiple mistings a day, im using a homemaide abg soil ontop of hydroballs and volcanic rock, im puting in a drainage syphon as well as a reptifogger. I was hoping to get any ones imput on some specific flora and fauna i can put in the tank, like long term composters or slugs that will be safe for the brb, as she is the main focus of this tank. Im going to have alot of dry spots for her on one side, as well as try to incorporate season's later this year so breeding wont be stressful. So any cool moss, bonsai type things, specific ficus bc i really want a cool one, and creeping vines. Eventually and hopefully in 12 years time 3 generations of brb females(temporment of the 3 permitting) may live in this tank. So i want it to be perfect. Also a realistic lighting source, it will be close to a window with 9+ hrs a day of sunlight in the summer. Thank you for reading this, and another thank you if you give me ideas and species names. I will post pictures once finished, i just started assembling the tank basics today so this is a 3 month build

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