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Biggest Tortoise

Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by joeandjeep, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. joeandjeep

    joeandjeep Member

    I live in PA, wanting a larger tortoise. I have lots of property and a big house. Building an outdoor enclosure/pen would be no problem at all. I can also dedicate a fairly large space indoors for the winter. My basement is 29x50 and do almost nothing with it. So... I want the biggest tortoise that I can legally buy in PA. Suggestions? Questions?
  2. Poison

    Poison Elite Member

    I believe with a permit you can have a galap tortoise :). Other options are the aldabra tortoise (around $1,500 for a single baby). Also a sulcata tortoise which go for arounf $80 depending on where you get them.
  3. joeandjeep

    joeandjeep Member

    I looked at the Aldabra tortoise, $1500 is possible but the waiting 15 years to get big thing sux. There was an African Spur on craigslist today, 10in for $250.

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