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Best UVB Bulb?

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by Ultima78, May 19, 2013.

  1. Ultima78

    Ultima78 Elite Member

    Owned for 5 months. 36x18x24 tank. Cocount shavings.There is a climbing wall,branchers,high rocky places(like rocks near a beach),lots of plants, and a big pool.

    Compact fluoresent Uvb(I think?) and basking bulb. Temp is 90 at basking spot. 79 at cool side and 84-85 at warm side. Humidity always to 77. Can go up to 93 with fogger(MAX LEVEL I allow)
    Diet contains crickets,mealworms,earthworms,waxworms, and fish, pheonix worms. Calcium with D3 dusted once every two days(every other day) vitamin with D3 once a week. Tried fruit.

    What is the best UVB bulb in this situation?
  2. justor

    justor Elite Member

    Well CFL's are definitely not the best. I would say a T5 high output linear fluorescent Is the way to go.
  3. Ultima78

    Ultima78 Elite Member

    Sorry basking spot is OVER 90.
  4. Vers

    Vers Elite Member

    CFLs are awful UV sources for this application (most, in fact). Generally speaking the best man-made UVB source is arguably the metal halide lamp, although they tend to be on the pricey side and are not the best option for various species. The next would be a toss-up between a quality MVB (there aren't many) and T5 HO fluorescent bulbs (namely Arcadia and ZooMed variants). Which one you choose depends almost entirely on your setup. The tank you're currently providing is far too small for a WD, so you should base your decision on the specifications of the permanent enclosure. If I were you I would look into Arcadia or ZooMed T5 HO UV lighting, specifically options provided on the site, which is a good one stop shopping option. You will, however, need to figure out the distance between the animal and the lighting source in order to chose the right bulb.
  5. Ultima78

    Ultima78 Elite Member

    Haha of course this tank is not big enough for permanent use for a water dragon! But it is temporarily suitable for a small juvenile. And the lamp is less than 12 inches but more than 9 inches away.
  6. RomanLA

    RomanLA Elite Member

    This is my favorite topic of discussion! I would get a fixture for your future enclosure and a bulb for your current enclosure. T5 HO is definitely the way to go on an adult water dragon enclosure! The fluorescent bulb gives you better coverage across the enclosure and the T5 HO lets you really push the UV down into a tall enclosure. The T5 high output fixtures put off some serious heat too though, so you will really have to watch your temperatures! I have a quad fixture and I can get my basking shelf in the low 90's with only the UV lights going.

    ZooMed recently came out with T5 HO fixtures and bulbs, but they only offer a single bulb fixture for reptiles. For a limited time, they're coming with a free ReptiSun 5.0 bulb. To get a dual or quad, you have to get a ZooMed aquarium fixture. LightYourReptiles offers a discount on bulbs at the time of the fixture purchase, so you can get a dual or quad and the bulbs end up being about the same price as ZooMed. Plus, he throws in some 6.5k grow bulbs, which are nice if you have live plants!

    So what I'm getting at is you could buy a dual fixture and put a 6% and 6.5k in it now and then later put a couple of 12% bulbs in it for your large enclosure. Here's some great links explaining the differences in bulbs and how to set them up in your enclosure properly to get a nice gradient.

    Lighting Guide
    T5 vs T8 Bulbs
    Frances Baines Video

    p.s. I'd do calcium WITHOUT D3 every other day and vitamins with D3 once a week. They can produce D3 and dispose of excess D3 within reason from UV exposure. If they get too much, they eventually can't get rid of it and will overdose.
    Last edited: May 19, 2013
  7. Ultima78

    Ultima78 Elite Member

    Is the ZooMed 5.0 26 watt flourescent bulb good until the bigger tank? Or does it have to be a 10.0 high output?
  8. MicahC

    MicahC Elite Member

    ZooMed ReptiSun 5.0, ZooMed IguanaLight 5.0, ZooMed Iguana Light 10.0, Mega-ray Mercury Vapor UVB Bulbs. These are the best ones to use and are scientifically proven and tested to give out the needed amount of UVB rays for reptiles.

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