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Best Thermostat to Heat 3 Cages

Discussion in 'Heating' started by kevintj0913, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. kevintj0913

    kevintj0913 Member

    Hello everyone, I am planning on buying three 36x24x18 pvc cages for my three reptiles. I am choosing to use 40watt radiant heat panels on all three and I don't know which is the best thermostat to use to control my temperature. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars but I am new to using a thermostat. Any help would be appreciated. The three tanks are for a bearded dragon, rosy boa and a sand boa. For the sand boa I might opt for a smaller cage due to the snake being smaller than the rosy and beardie.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Just a point. A single thermostat is not going to be able to control all three cages.
    The stat I use is the Zoo med Reptitemp 500R.
  3. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    In order to use a single thermostat for multiple cages all the set ups need to be identical sizes and controling identical heaters set to the same temperature. Even then their is a higher risk to your animals because only the cage with the thermostat probe in it is actually being monitored. So if you have some kind of failure in another cage your stat would have no idea and continue to run power to that cage normally.

    Because your talking about three different species with three different heating/lighting/care requirements, I would advise against trying to run all three on a single thermostat.

    Also, quite frankly, I dont think a radient heat panel is an appropriate method for heating a bearded dragon cage. They need access to bright light, which a heat panel doesn't provide
  4. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    If you really want a good t-stat for your situation, I recommend a herpstat 4. Down side is that they are around 350 shipped, but you get what you pay for.4 seperate channels with their own probes, so you can even add another cage later if you chose to, and a lot of built in safety features. Plus they are proportional, so they apply only the power necessary, rather than just turning on and off. If you just want cheap, hydrofarm make a decent one for I think around 35 bucks. Search amazon.

    Just had a thought, you could also get a humidity probe for it and use one of the outlets to control a fogger or something. Planning on doing this for my snake room here in a couple weeks when I go to the NARBC show in Tinley.
  5. kevintj0913

    kevintj0913 Member

    after reading the replies I think i'll only use the heat panels for the two boas and will get a thermostat that has two different probes to monitor both cages and i'll stick with the heat lamp for the beardie so he has a natural basking area.
  6. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    Herpstat 2 then. Or a couple hydrofarms. There's also the vivarium electronics ve200, but its around the same price as the herpstat.

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