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Best Hiding Spot Ever!

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Wyldrose, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    So one of my late night cleaning ideas went wrong last week, I forgot to latch Mystery's bin. She is one of my big normal females. I ripped apart the house(cut holes into my new couch under the cusions...), I put a $50 bounty on her head(my kids are very motivated when money is involved lol) and still no Mystery.
    I had laundry to switch over when I got home, and I keep my mice in the laundry room, so checked on water and was going to feed them. I noticed a dead blue mouse(top left in the picture) and then I noticed a ball python tail... lol
    she ate 3 adult mice(2 females and a male) and possibly snacked on some yummy hoppers too! She forced her way through the mesh lid on the mouse bins and had a blast!
  2. purplecandle

    purplecandle Active Member

    That is hilarious! That made my day! At least she knows where food is incase you forget to feed her :)
  3. lizardhoarder139

    lizardhoarder139 Elite Member

    Hahaha that is soo funny :D Like purplecandle said at least now she knows where the food is!!
  4. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Apparently she feels you don't feed her enough and decided to take matters into her own coils, lol. I'd bet you know where to find her if she ever gets loose again. That, and I just had this comical vision in my head of one of the mice turning to the other and saying something like "Hey, have you seen Chester?".
  5. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    No more escapees allowed! I fixed my rack now so if I forget to latch a bin the shelves are close enough that the lids can not be pushed open. I have been meaning to adjust the shelves Mystery gave me that motivation to get it done!
  6. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    I guess she found the all you can eat buffet!

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