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Best Bought Cage?

Discussion in 'Product Questions' started by Midori, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Midori

    Midori Elite Member

    I've been thinking at some point I want to add a crested gecko to my small herp family, I only have a leopard gecko. But I know with a crested taller is better. I could make a cage, but my dad is like the most anti handy guy in the world and also would most likely trash or break something if I slowly acquired what I needed to make it. I do't know how many times me and my mom had been saving things for something and he threw it out thinking it was garbage.

    So what is the best tall bought cage for a crested gecko?
  2. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    Exoterra tanks , costly but fancy
  3. Midori

    Midori Elite Member

    Now if only I can find a tall med that would be perfect! Thank you!
  4. missabrat

    missabrat Elite Member

    check your local craigslist, you might find one used for a decent price
  5. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I have a Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium (18"x18"x24") for our crestie and its great.
  6. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    Yup, they are all over now. Pet smart should have both brands.
  7. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    completely agree on the exo terra and zoo med tanks. I prefer the exo-terra though. I feel there are more accesories and having two doors allows me to open as much or as little as I need.
  8. Jaysonn

    Jaysonn Elite Member

    try searching for an Exoterra on craigslist. there are lots of deals on my local clist for them. hope this helps
  9. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

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