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Beginner - Garter Snake

Discussion in 'Garter & Water snakes' started by Nomit, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Nomit

    Nomit New Member

    Hi, I'm new. I live on Long Island where there are plenty of Garter snakes. Two days ago my brother caught a tiny baby garter snake at one of his jobs. (he has his own construction gig going on.) It's maybe 5-6 inches tops. We kept him in a small plastic cage for a bit and today I set him up with paper towel bedding, a water dish and a shelter. Also put 2 tiny feeder fish in the dish.

    When I hold him he's pretty scared, but earlier he settled down and coiled around my finger. Chilled there for awhile actually.

    And here's the setup.

    Any advice for a beginner? Is this setup good for now? He hasn't eaten yet, should I be worried? I read up a lot of info, but I'd love to have some input from this forum.
  2. Versicolor

    Versicolor Well-Known Member

    From my experience, a Garter will try and eat anything it can fit in it's mouth. Especially pinky fingers. As for your snake and the situation... I'd strongly adivse you to release it where you found it. Wild caught animals usually harbor things such as mites and other unwelcome guests, and seem to have a harder time adjusting to a captive life then one who were made for it. If an animal is born into the wild it's meant for the wild, if it's born into captivity it's meant for captivity. I found the cutest baby black snake the other day and had to keep telling myself that.
  3. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    I second the releasing.

    The snake is probably terrified and stressed out of its mind. It's not very fun to be picked up out of your home by a scary giant and then put in a small enclosure :p

    Plus, due to it being from the wild it probably has health issues, one of them being parasites. It might not of course, but with wild caught you never know.

    Plus you have to be careful because in some states it is illegal to pick up local wildlife and keep it as pets.

    If you really want a garter snake, you can buy one online for pretty cheap. I know for a fact that has lovely checkered albino garters that I've had my eye on, and they're only $30. You can get a normal checkered garter for $20.

    It's a small price to pay for a healthy snake that will be your friend for years and years and years..
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