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Bearded Dragon

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Pharoahound, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Pharoahound

    Pharoahound Elite Member

    So I got a free Beardie from petco a little while ago. And he had a knot on his tail I took him to a vet for a check up and they said it was just a break. So a few days ago I've been noticing the tip of his tail is kinking up and he sleeps and sits with his wrists bent :( I took him to a different vet today and he does have MBD. I don't know a lot about it-and we were in a rush and the Vet told us we could come in tomorrow and talk about what to do. But im worried-do bearded dragons live a shorter life when they get it? I have-and am able to get anything he needs for it. If I treat it how I'm supposed to is there a chance he might live longer? :((
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Caught early enough, MBD is reversable. If treated properly and assuming husbandry conditons are correct the dragon should be able to live a long life.
  3. Pharoahound

    Pharoahound Elite Member

    oh gosh I sure hope so!! I'm not sure his age..hes either under a year old-or his growth is really stunted so hopefully he'll recover. He's kept in a 40gb for now. We are sealing the wood for his 5x3x2 wood enclosure. We have been going to yard sales and just finding cabinets and wooden furniture everywhere these days! We are building my baby beardie a 4x2x2 cage also it's just a lot of wood to seal and a lot of tile to lay!
  4. Rockstar2011

    Rockstar2011 Active Member

    It depends on how bad the mbd has gotten. If its just starting to show then it can be reversed rather simply. If the mbd is not treated it can most certainly shorten a bearded dragons life and even become fatal due to weakening the dragons bones and it will not be able to walk or catch prey, etc. I am not sure if even after treating mbd in a dragon if it will still live a normal life or if it will still effect the life span and cause it to be shorter.

    Start dusting his food with calcium powder atleast 3 times a week. Keep his UV Bulb on for 12-14 hours and feed him more protein items like dubia roaches, but also keep offering the greens.

    Your vet should know how bad the mbd is with your dragon and if its bad enough there is medication that your vet can give you to help boost your dragon back to being stronger and healthier.
  5. Pharoahound

    Pharoahound Elite Member

    Ok. I have been dusting them 2-3 times since I've been suspitious of the knot. He does eat Dubias and occasionally gut loaded crickets. And His uvb bulb is set for 12 hours a day-should I up that to 14? Ive also noticed if i dust his prey and the calcium dust falls off he licks it off the ground...should I put a small bowl of powder in there for him as well or is it enough to just dust his food?
  6. Rockstar2011

    Rockstar2011 Active Member

    I have heard of some people putting a small bowl of calcium out while nursing mbd, but I dont know enough to say yes go ahead and do it. I would try to research it and see what you come up with before going ahead with it.

    I would bump his uv light up to 14 hours along with his heat lamp 2 hours more a day will help in reversing the mbd at a quicker pace.
  7. Pharoahound

    Pharoahound Elite Member

    Thank you so much!!- im sure the Vet will tell me more on what to do tomorrow but I have just been sitting here being a nervous nancy.
  8. cassicat4

    cassicat4 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Your vet will likely prescribe liquid calcium carbonate that you can administer orally to your dragon, either daily or every 2-3 days. If his MBD is advanced, the vet can also give an injection like it was mentioned to help start him on the road to recovery.

    The advantage of the liquid calcium too is that it can be incorporated as a regular part of your beardie's diet. My herp vet prescribed it for my water dragon (to help treat a break) but said she recommends administering it once a week to all of my reptiles (at the appropriate dosage amounts) as it'll ensure they are getting adequate calcium (because even when dusting, a lot of the powder can fall off and it's sometimes hard to determine how much they actually ingest).

    Dusting his prey items with calcium and ensuring he has a proper UVB light are crucial to getting him back to good health, along with ensuring all other husbandry conditions are met.

    I would suggest offering your beardie phoenix worms as a feed item - these are high in calcium (therefore don't need to be dusted), nutritious, and easy to digest, and some dragons absolutely love them.

    If he's young like you say, I see no reason why this can't be reversed with proper treatment and care, and he'll live a happy normal life. The only instances where I've heard of a treated beardie having a reduced lifespan is in the event of an older dragon (7+ years old) who had MBD for years, simply because the amount of damage caused by the condition at that point, after that many years, was beyond total recovery.
  9. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Be aware that too much calcium is also bad as it will build up and not be processed. I would dust crickets and dubias once a day and then feed other items that are higher in calcium naturally like silkworms and Phoenix worms. Also how old and what type of bulb is the UVB? Most of the petsmart or petco brands need to be changed every three months. Natural sunlight would help immensely. Just put him outside in a tub for an hour or so. (I had put my little CWD in a screen enclosure while I was doing yard work and anytime it was playtime with the dogs or when cleaning her cage...her mbd was reflversing before she passed away from other issues).
  10. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Best of luck at the vet, glad you took him in and are able to go forward with the treatment needed for him! Sending positive thoughts your way
    Keep us posted
  11. Genko

    Genko Elite Member

    Best of luck! I bet, with the vet's help, he'll be fine. From what I have read, it can be reversible.:)
  12. nikkistorms

    nikkistorms Elite Member

    It is ABSOLUTELY reversable. My baby girl I have, well shes about 7-8 months old now, She had MBD when I rescued her from a horrible pet store. I was able to reverse it. She hasn't had ONE symtom in several months. Lots of UVB, calcium, LOVE LOVE LOVE. She was actually not eating it was so bad. I had to mix calcium with water and drip it on her nose. You would never guess it was the same lizard.

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