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Bearded Dragon Cage Size?

Discussion in 'Enclosures' started by agilitygirl, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. agilitygirl

    agilitygirl Member

    What is the best size cage for 2 adult beardies? i have them in a 40gal. breeder but there getting to big for it. I will have to divide them when they are full grown. At first i was thinking of getting a 72x24x18 and divide it. I also just thought about keeping one of them in the 40gal and get a 4ft cage for the other one. A few places said that you can have 2 adults in a 48x24"cage but that seems to small. What is my best option so they have a good amount of space? I would like to buy (or build) a 8ft cage and divide it so they have more space but i don't think i would have enough room and its a lot of money. :(
  2. jabberwocky

    jabberwocky Elite Member

    4x2x2 is the general minimum for one and an extra 2 sq ft per additional dragon. personally I would go for 6x2x2 for the both of them but if your separating them then they each need at least 4x2x2. rather that be splitting an 8x2x2 in half or getting 2 separate cages. I think 2 cages one on top of the other in a rack would be your best bet since you mentioned the space problem. they will outgrow the 40gal in a few months, and it probably won't be enough space for one of them when they're adults.
  3. Jaysonn

    Jaysonn Elite Member

    yeah a 40 gal breeder isnt really big enough for one adult, if you plan on dividing the tank the safest minium would be a 8ft tank, if not dividing i really would not suggest, you house them together do to stress and fighting. im sure you would notice one become quit a bit bigger then the other as well.

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