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Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by NorberttheWaterDragon, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. NorberttheWaterDragon

    NorberttheWaterDragon Well-Known Member

    Hi I have come into possession of a Brown Basilisk and I would like to know the temperament of what they normally are so I can prepare myself. He doesn't get along with anyone...I found that out the hard way when I let him run around he attacked my Water Dragon. DON"T WORRY HE IS OK! There wasn't even mark made.

    So anyway I am just wondering; I feel bead because he is so mean and he has such a bad attitude. I wish there was something I could do to calm him down.
  2. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    First off, bad form letting both loose at the same time. You shouldn't even do that with two water dragons who live separately. I'm not surprised one attacked the other at all. Its simply an intruder in his space. This is one of the reasons its not a good idea to house different species (and some times two of the same species) together.

    Basilisks are awesome, but I wouldn't suggest thinking that it will get along with anything ever..

    Hopefully your water dragon isn't too massively freaked out right now.

    Also, hopefully the basilisk isn't carrying any diseases or illnesses or parasites that could now have been transferred to your dragon. That's why people quarantine animals before doing intros (in the aspect of adding a new critter in the hopes of a breeding pair, or in mammals as a buddy)..
  3. NorberttheWaterDragon

    NorberttheWaterDragon Well-Known Member

    I have done it before with my other reptiles. No one got hurt. They were perfectly fine together, chilling in the sun. I had no idea Salazar would do that, it was just unexpected. And they are in different spaces because I know how big they get and they need their own space. And as I said before Norbert is fine; No one is hurt and they are just going about their business like normal.

    And after I got Salazar (Basilisk) I had him checked out so he is safe. I was just wondering the temperament.
    Also I have no interest in breeding anything, I do not have the space, time, or money to do that.

    Lastly I was just surprised that Salazar did that, because so far, all my reptiles have been super chill and sweet. All I wanted to know was if Basilisks (brown variety) are aggressive. And what would make him aggressive? Because when I first got him he was alright. I always let multiple reptiles run around my house at one time; no one got hurt.

    So if you are not going to answer my question don't talk at all.
  4. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    I did answer your question. I said that that is an unsafe practice. Just because you've done it before, or, apparently do it all the time, does not make it any less of a really bad idea. Sounds to me like he isn't aggressive. He just doesn't like other animals in his space. Which isn't simply his enclosure. Its anywhere he is and can see another animal. I don't know anyone with personal experience with basilisks, so I can't say if they are normally human aggressive.

    I definitely would not consider this to be an aggressive behavior at all, though.

    I'm also pretty sure anyone else on here will tell you that having reptiles that aren't house together loose at the same idea is just an accident waiting to happen.
  5. NorberttheWaterDragon

    NorberttheWaterDragon Well-Known Member

    Ok I am not trying to be rude or anything but maybe you need to go back and reread what I said before.

    My question is simple...What is the normal temperament of a brown Basilisk?

    That was my question you are just all wrapped up in my little mistake to see other wise. Now if you cannot answer that then please stop.
  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Norbert, you asked for advice. You cannot pick and chose what you want to hear. You are doing something that needs to be corrected. It is not up to you to say what someone can and cannot talk about.
  7. NorberttheWaterDragon

    NorberttheWaterDragon Well-Known Member

    Ok well thanks you guys for ruining this thread. I am going to just delete this one and start over. I just asked a freaken question and so far I have been scolled or talked to about pointless other things.


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