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Bahama Boa, Will Not Eat!

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by bwanacat, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. bwanacat

    bwanacat New Member

    I am a new member, I live and work in the Bahamas. I have been catching and rescuing Bahama Boa's for 20 years.
    These snakes are rare and only found on some of the 'out Islands' these days. I keep larger specimens to educate local kids, and anyone who will listen about the importance of saving these creatures. The Boa I have now lives in a large outdoor enclousure, 6'x4' x 4' high, water pool large enough for snake to soak. Cage has natural wood, and leaves as substrate. (palm, banana)
    This snake is over 7 feet in length, largest I have seen alive to date. Never had a problem with other Bahama boas eating, live Rats or, juvenile chickens. This snake has more girth than most I have seen, ate a rat a month back, but only killed the last rat, never ate it. The chicks walk around on and over the snake who does not strike. Seems healthy and just shed 2 days ago.
    I am tempted to release her, but fear it may meet the fate of so many other Bahamian snakes, the "Machete". Bahamians tend to dispatch snakes on sight, much folklore, and superstition, none of it positive for the snakes. I grew up catching and collecting snakes in south Florida, and have force fed a couple but not a believer in this tactic. Any suggestions would be awesome.
    I have had this snake for over two months, and it has only eaten one rat. Snake had eaten a medium size chicken when I removed her from the yard of a Bahamian neighbor.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Could this be breeding season over there? Perhaps its female and gravid?
  3. bwanacat

    bwanacat New Member

    I caught this snake at the height of mating season. Bahamian who called me to remove said there were two snakes fighting, or "cooting" I missed that part, but I am almost certain this one is female. Thanks for the reply.

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