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Bahama Boa Delivers 30 Plus Babies !

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by bwanacat, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. bwanacat

    bwanacat New Member

    I live on Cat Island Bahamas, my Bahama boa dropped over 30 young ones tday. I have been rescuing these rare snakes for years, and hope to keep these young ones healthy for release in the wild. The snake lives in a 5'x5' x 4ft. high outdoor enclosure. There is a 12"x 12" water tub built into floor, snake is 7'. Cage substrate banana leaf, coconut fiber, and local leaf. I feed mostly young chickens, live only. Rescued this snake from machete wielding Bahamian back in May. One baby drowned in water pan in the cage, found one other dead one, and some dead in eggs 2.
    I moved young one to smaller enclosure with dry rags, and palm straw, shallow water dishes. I would appreciate any advice on care and feeding of these little beauties. What to feed? When to Release?, they seem content to stay all together in clumps so far a couple have ventured out to crawl, and climb around. Thanks for any guidance, These snakes are quite rare and losing ground to habitat destruction, and Human fear. Cat Island is largely undeveloped and a good place for these animals to make a come back.
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