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Bad Shed

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Amandadc, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Amandadc

    Amandadc Member

    I havent been here in about a year. However, I remember all the advice from this website and the honest concern about anothers pet. I have two balls and one california king and two do really well with sheds. However, one ball has now had three horrible sheds. This one is really concerning me because she still has eye caps and there are little pieces all over her tank. I took her to the vet after her second shed and they told me to wait another shed to see if it all comes off. I hate living where our herp vets are crap! I am going to post pictures so you can see all the little pieces of skin she shed throughout the night. Izzy is my nervous snake, she was the second we bought and was shy...not like the first one we bought which was ready to explore and check everything out. So I have to admit, I do not handle her near as much as my other two because I am scared she is going to bite. Going to try to make sure I give all the information ya'll need to be able to advise me on what to do.

    I have had izzy for almost 2 years. We got her when she was a baby at petsmart. September 2011
    Her tank is 20 gallon wide (30"L x 12"W x 12"H)
    We use Zoo Med Repti Bark
    We use a 60W light, white light during the day and blue light at night. She gets 12 hrs of each light.
    Temperature stays about 77 throughout, hot spot stays about 82-85, this is measured by a digital thermometer
    Humidity is about 60% and is measured by a hydrometer
    She gets a F/T (2) medium mice every other saturday.
    Concerned about her shedding or lack thereof.
    IMG536.jpg IMG537.jpg IMG538.jpg IMG539.jpg
  2. jarich

    jarich Elite Member

    Yes, I would say there is reason for concern after three bad sheds. My first guess would be that your hygrometer has gone on you. Do you have another one from one of the other enclosures to double check it with?

    With that lighting in such a small enclosure, and with that small amount of substrate I cant imagine how you are keeping it up to 60% in there. Either way, that obviously isnt good enough for this snake. Is it a solid lid on the tank or a screen one? Sorry, Im not meaning to suggest you are doing badly as a keeper, just that it seems like your hygrometer might be leading you astray.

    Either way, if you dont already, I would suggest getting a solid piece of wood for a top. With that, you can order a radiant heat panel to mount to the inside of it. It seems like that lighting not only isnt getting you the temps you need (hot spot should be closer to around 88 or so), but you also are probably drying out your air more than you need to. A good radiant heat panel will get your temps up and also not dry the air out at all. Id also make your substrate deeper to help raise the humidity. Give it a good 3 inches or so of that bark. Next time you see her go into blue I would bump it up to around 75% or so to ensure she doesnt have any more problems.

    For now, definitely get that snake into a warm water bath for about a half hour. I have one of those critter carriers with the air holes around the top that I usually use for the more nippy snakes. It keeps their body in the water but allows their head to remain elevated for breathing. You can also take a pillow case and wet it, then put the snake inside it for about a half hour also. That will allow it to move around in the bag and hopefully get the stuck shed off.

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