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Baby Savannah Monitor Not Eating

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by dp428, May 28, 2014.

  1. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    Hi, I have a 6in baby sav. when i first got him i had him in a 5 gallon tank(for a total of like 6 hours) I am on day 5 for him, and he has had a total of 5 crickets . I moved him into a 20g tank for the time being while I am in the middle of building his permanent one.but here is just some of the major things you should know about the cage. It is all glass, i cut off black construction paper and line 3 sides of it on the outside to keep heat in. He does have a mesh top where i have a UvB light and infrared heat basking light also i have a heating pad under his hide spot on the cool side. the mesh is also covered with some towels to keep heat and moisture in. the Ambient temp of the hot side is about 95F, and his humidity is usually around 60% never lower then 40% ever! I keep the water dish on the hot side where he can fit his whole body into i change that about 3 times a day. I use the coconut fiber susbstrate for him and that is about 3 inchs maybe a little less Also i have tried to hold him a little bit. is it my cage? is it me stressing him out? or is it something else i am missing?

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  2. IAmXavierPee

    IAmXavierPee Well-Known Member

    I am kinda expieriencinf the same problem as well. it sucks but just try to not mess with him place around 5 meal worms in a dish and seee if they're gone a little later on. If that's the case it might be he's just scared. My little guy is the same way he eats when he wants.. And it's frustrating cause I have all the right temps and everything as well except a bigger cage
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    What is the temperature of the basking spot?
  4. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    120 and the ambient temp on hot side is 100, cool side is about 75 usually 80 though, he has a heating pad on the cool side though. with the humidity on the cool side being around 90% around all times.

    I have change a good amount for the better too, i wrapped the cage up with black construction paper and added a small fogger to maintain humidity. all of those things seemed to show improvement.

    He has been eating more the past two days he has had a total of bout 10 wax worms with the vitamin powder on them so he looks alot better, he is just kind of scared and interested in me when he eats, he grabs the worm from the tongs and then gives me this looks like "screw off" and so i leave him and give him another one about 30seconds later. but he is starting to come out of the hide when its feeding time but he takes it back into his hide almost immediately. I assume this is the normal tedious process of gaining trust though.
  5. Infernalis

    Infernalis Elite Member

    entirely too much time with that big strange giant fiddling around, the animal is scared witless. I swear, when mine were babies, 99% of MY viewing was done with a hidden camera, I fed them and stayed away.

    Correct Savannah Monitor Care

    use real soil, go outside and dig up your lawn, and then leave some real earth worms in there and go away. If you have sprayed your lawn with anything this year, go out into the woods and get some grassy soil in a couple buckets and bring it home.

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  6. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    To add to that, I would suggest that you leave off tong feeding for a while. Just leave food in a dish and leave it be. It may also help if you cover most or all of the front too. And you need to be feeding a variety, waxworms should only be given as an occasional treat as they are really high in fat, basically they are lizard candy. Mealworms, superworms, nightcrawlers, crickets, dubia roaches. Thats just a basic list of bugs.
    You jave to remember, when that little lizard sees you, it thinks "GIANT SCARY THING GONNA EAT ME!!!", because that's the way their brains are hardwired. And in the wild they would usually be right, as anything they encounter is likely to be a predator. And if it's not their only interest in it will be whether or not they can eat it.
  7. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    So he has been doing a lot better, I think I just messed up taking wrong advice from the web in the beginning in force handling. Today he has already had 7 wax worms and yesterday he had 13. I am able to keep my hand on his log and feed him with the tongs now i havent picked him up in about 5 days now. I have seen a huge improvement in trust. But now the majority of the time he just kicks it in his hide and comes out to feed. he will take a bath like 2-3 times a day but he doesn't really bask all the that much and i was wondering if i was keeping it too hot in there or is he just comfortable and feel safe in there? he does have a heating pad with dry soil under his hide.
  8. IAmXavierPee

    IAmXavierPee Well-Known Member

    From what I read on varanus talk, they do not bask all that much! They spend more time prowling around in search of food and burrowing !
  9. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    Ahhh ok that is what he has been doin all day today. He looks great doesn't even to seem to mind my presence anymore when I am near the cage since I was home all day today
  10. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    He seems very happy today waiting for me to feed him when I woke up. not scared of me almost at all, and he smelled my hand today on the log when i was feeding him he was a little nervous but he still decided to eat the wax worm after that. He has not touched any HB eggs that i left in a little ramekin for him but im not too worried about that though.
  11. dp428

    dp428 Established Member

    I did not see that one you put up darkbird. ok Ill refrain a little bit form the wax worms. ill go get him some mealworms today. he didn't really seem that interested crickets though, i think he might want to get a little bit bigger first. another week or so

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