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Baby RETF Help :)

Discussion in 'Tree Frogs' started by Lazerluke, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Lazerluke

    Lazerluke Member

    Ok so I just got my baby RETF's in today, they arrived living (Thank God, I probably would have been traumatized) and as far as I can tell they are healthy :) !! Here come the questions!!

    1. I have looked ALL OVER the net trying to find some smidgen of information regarding coloration. When they arrived they were a dark green with little light green spots along the back. Right off the bat I assumed it was a bacterial infection of some sort so I began to surf the web. 10 minutes later (After finding what I thought looked like the infection they may be inflicted with) I checked on them to compare the pictures with my frogs. Sure enough they were now completely lime-green :D !! I was so happy to rule out infection!! Now, what I am wondering, is what causes them to change the specific colors that they do? I already know that humidity, temp, stress, and the enclosure itself can effect coloration ( My enclosure was completed to perfection a few days before I even ordered them so keep in mind the living conditions are optimal). I assumed they would only turn from dark green to light green....THEN I checked back in another 10 minutes and BOOM, one was red. Not a bright red but a definitive red hue. If anyone can clarify what each of the 3 colors (Or more if you know of them) signifies than I would be extremely grateful :) !! AKA Red = stressed, Light Green = Happy, Dark Green= Mad (just examples) etc etc :)

    2. I read somewhere while researching (Don't remember where) that misting & humidity during the day are not only pointless but can be harmful to the RETF. I didn't find the information on any other care sheets or articles besides that one. According to the article/blogger/whatever, the RETF puts a kind of film over their bodies during the day while they sleep that prevents them from drying out? Should I only worry about misting/fogging in the night hours before they wake up?

    That's pretty much it for now, i'm sure i'll think of something else though lol, thanks guys :)
  2. Poison

    Poison Elite Member

    The spots were more then likely do to dehydration while shipping. Glad they cleared up :)

    As for them coating themself with "film" sounds like crap to me. Though all species of frogs will realease a moist substance from their skin to help keep them moist but I would not call it "coating" and they can very much still dry out if the cage is to dry. The only tree frog species that are known to wax them self to prevent them from drying out are the waxy monkey's (at least best to my knowledge).

    With that being said. If your humidy stays high without misting then you can limit the amount you mist without issue.
  3. Lazerluke

    Lazerluke Member

    Awhh that sucks. I was hoping it was true and I could refrain from misting during the day, not that it's an issue, but because im worried about mold :-& when I get off work tonight I will attempt to find that article and link it!
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    A simple answer to that rains in the forest.
  5. Lazerluke

    Lazerluke Member

    Lol yeah I actually thought about that but from what i've observed so far the majority of the time my RETF's will sleep on the bottom of leaves. I thought maybe they did so to avoid water? Anyone have any ideas as far as the coloration goes?
  6. Poison

    Poison Elite Member

    They hide under leafs to "hide".

    They change color for several reasons. Humidity, temps and time of day.
  7. Lazerluke

    Lazerluke Member

    I get that, i've pulled together as much research as I could find on the net (I've combed these forums as well) AND the local library. I still have no answer as to why the coloration is what it is. Is it just too many variables to be able to narrow it down? I'm new to RETF's and have only observed them for a few days. From what I can tell, the coloration is completely random. I have kept each aspect of their living conditions consistent (Humidity,light cycle, heat. I even have all live plants) and I'm actually quite the night owl so I do observe them frequently. I've been using infrared bulbs (Some posts i've seen say they bother the frogs but mine don't seem to care) for easier viewing. For example....just went and checked on them, and right now one is red (NOT from the infrared) and the other is light green?! Understanding these mind boggling creatures will be the end of my sanity
  8. I'm not sure of the reasons either but mine often go brown whilst hunting to blend in with soil or fern tree panels. I always presumed it to be camouflage. I've just finished new tank for them all real plants with a luck reptile super rain set to go on for ten seconds 3 times a day and will see if need to reduce or increase in few days.

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