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Baby Red Tail Boa Checkup

Discussion in 'Common/Red Tail Boa' started by Kushgod, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Kushgod

    Kushgod New Member

    I've had my red tail boa for 17 days now. And I would like some feedback on how he is doing/ how I'm doing as an owner. He was 2 months when I got him from petco (I don't know the gender honestly but For now I'm referring to it as him)

    -Habitat: I've got him in a tank thats approx 48 in wide, 13 in long, and 16 in tall. Aspen shavings as a substrate. A large and deep water dish, a food dish, A medium sized treelike structure and a large hideaway I made for him out of a shoebox. It's heated by a 150 watt basking bulb during the day and a 150 watt Infared bulb at night. 95 on the hot side, 75 on the cool side. The bulbs are on different sides of the tank (though I'm starting to contemplate if that is right).

    -Feeding- he's eaten 4 mice so far. First I gave him 2 dead hopper mice (thawed) which he ate about 3 hours after I put them in his bowl. Then I put a live hopper mouse in his tank and he swallowed it in its sleep. Then I fed him 2 more dead ones which he ate about 9 hours after I put them in his bowl. He only ate one though I had to take the other one out it was stinking up my room. This last feeding session was a week ago

    -shedding- this is where I'm slightly concerned. He started shedding about a week ago it took him 2 days to shed and it was in like 7 pieces. There was a piece at the end of his tail that he still couldn't get off so I gave him a bath and it came off.

    -feces- he took 1 huge s**t so far it was mostly brown with small white pieces and a tiny bit of strange greenish color

    -handling- this is another area where I'm kind of concerned. The pamphlet I got from petco said they needed consistent interaction with humans to remain tame so I was handling him almost everyday for 25 mins for the first 2 weeks. He runs through my fingers and coil around my wrist. One time he went around my neck and coiled his tail around my chain. He looks around the room and sticks his tongue out everywhere and seems more active and happy than when in his tank. However, I read something today saying handling him too much can stress him out.

    -regular behavior- he is usually quite lazy when in the tank. He stays in the same spot for many hours without moving. He must not like the hideaway I made for him because he hasn't been in it once. Instead he hides under the shavings or undue the tree structure. He's drank all the water in his bowl about 4 times so far (keep in mind it's a huge bowl).

    -breathing-his breathing speed is different at times. Sometimes he takes large, slow breathes and sometimes he takes smaller, more rapid breathes

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