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Baby Chameleon at Death's Door.

Discussion in 'Herp Health' started by LiveSquid, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    My new chameleon is doing VERY poorly!

    I found him on the ground just now.. I picked him up and he is alove, but he cant even stand. He is tryng really hard, but he cant walk or anything.

    All I can figure is that he didnt eat or he didnt drink.. Is there a way to force feed him, or to force liquids?

    I dont know what to do! Its going on two weeks since I got him and I havent noticed any lethargy or anything until right now. What can I do?! Please advise asap!
  2. inkman

    inkman Elite Member

    if he isnt moving around on his own I would say go to the vet ASAP, but if he or she is big enough you might be alble to use a small suringe with some baby food
  3. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    ok....what size is it, and wat species?
    i need to know quick...time is very short now
  4. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    I called both local vets and neither can take him. One is out of town and one is gone. I told them, "Ok, thanks anyway, I guess he'll just die." My answer? "Ok." *****es!

    He is pale, he isnt moving, and he is only maybe 6-8 weeks old.. Everything was going great. I saw him eat once, right after I brought him home, and I thought i saw him drinking..

    He wont let me open his mouth and Im afraid to hurt him.. But I guess hurt is better than dead... I dont have baby food.. Is there anything else? I have wet dog food, and I have very soft bananas..
  5. inkman

    inkman Elite Member

    I would wait and see what caudalis says I think he has some experence in this

    but I have used bannas that you mush up with some water, to make it creamy and make sure it is room temp. cuz somtimes you wont get it past there mouth if its cold
  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Devon, its a veiled.
  7. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    Yes, veiled and two inches. I think its too late already.. He has all but stopped moving, even when I prod him.

    He seems to be really trying though. ANd his eyes are closed but every so often he opens one.. I hate to say it, but Im not very hopeful.
  8. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    ok....honestly i have very little hope for this poor guy. Sorry to say.
    The best you can do now is put it under warmth and light, try open mouth...grip skin under mouth and open gently...drip some water and makes sure it swallows... i personally thin it is too late.

    How could you assume i was drinking and only saw it eat once????? how long have you had it? That is quite unnacceptable...this is the reason chams should not be kept as "pets". For experienced keepers only.

    Sorry if i am sounding angry, it is just because i am. I am a chameleon addict and enthusiast. I really feel it is too late for this little guy.

    You need to meet the correct requirments for chameleons...anything wrong will result in death. They are very sensitive. But i mean food and water is pretty obvious i would think?

    and bananas????? what? (edit- only saw it is a veild now)

    sorry...i better not say much more.
  9. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    *breathes in*

    ok for others that find a chameleon in this situation earlier in time(very weak etc.)

    warmth is the key. You need to keep it warm and give it fliuds. Chameleons dehydrate very quickly. I rescued one once in this condition but at an earlier stage than yours. I grip the skin under the mouth and forced open jaws..water drops where then taken. Let it drink drink drink drink drink

    then for food i used a slurry i made. as it got a bit stronger i placed small crix in mouth and made sure it was biting them. Make sure that they are either dead or that the cham crushes em. Keeping your cham warm is they key to a recovery.....

    i have to go now but think i will make a more detailed process for everyone. Sorry for your loss...but please find out proper care before getting an animal
  10. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    Ive had him for two weeks. I thought I had met all his requirements. see thread here

    I know food and water are obvious. Im not a complete moron you know. I thought he was eating because I saw him eat that one time (who wouldve thought it was a one time thing?) and I was finding droppings. I didnt expect to find droppings if he wasnt eating or drinking.

    He has had pinhead - 1/8" crickets available to him at all tmes and I mist the cage twice a day and drip water for him twice a day.

    Banana was only mentioned because someone else mentioned baby food.
  11. inkman

    inkman Elite Member

    bananas, yes, but like I said for him to talk to you becuase I have almost no knolage of chams, i use them along with other fruits and veggies when my iggy got sick, I know theres a large speciecs gap but yeah,

    but all and all I am very sorry to here about your little guy I hope he can break through this
  12. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    I will put him under his light and continue giving water. I place a cricket in his mouth and tried to kind of push it back, etc and he didnt respond..

    He is still trying though and I dont want to give up. I'm really so sad. Tears in my eyes. .I want to save my little guy. His name is Chameleo Estevez and he is my friend.
  13. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    sorry dude, i appologize. I just responded quickly out of emotion and did not mean to be nasty. My passion sometimes makes me come across as a crazy person lol. I have not been on HC much never saw your other post.

    i will give some cases i have had with comes soon and how i got them better.
  14. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    I understand, caudalis.. I put him under is light and he woke up al ittle.. I put a smooshed cricket in his mouth but he isnt really interested in swallowing it apparently. Im going to keep trying.

    Thaks for any hel that you guys can give.
  15. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    is it taking water down? try some watered down canned protein paste(for cats). That is if it is taking water.

    There is little much else you can do at this stage. I have had to use cathoters, injecting fluids into the cham directly(bypassing the mouth). DO NOT TRY THIS PLEASE(for vets only) is kind of too late but don't give up. i can see you care about the lil guy. Pray man....who knows.
  16. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    Its no good. I opened his mouth, un rolled his tongue a little and put the cricket in. He isnt even trying to pull his tongue back in.. Theres got to be something I can do for f..k's sake!

    I dont want him to die. Isnt there anything else I can do? Please? I saw him this afternoon at about 1pm and he was fine. Well, he was on his vine chilling in the 'sun'. Yesterday I saw him stalking like he was hunting the cricket. I dont understand what couldve been the problem.

    If I cant save him, is there some humane way for me to just end it? I cant stand to see him there struggling. It breaks my heart.

    God doesnt care about reptiles.
  17. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

  18. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    My opinion is this. From what I have heard, it is very hard to work with chameleons younger than 4 months...if yours was only a few weeks old, and you have never owned anything like this before...then I believe its a common occurence to lose them. So dont feel bad. They dont show sickness and yours may have been having problems from the beginning...they are very easily stressed...especially that young.

    I am very sorry to hear of your wishes....
  19. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    Its over. He's gone. Cant believe how attached I already was to this little lizard. They dont even have a limbic system!

    Thanks for everything anyway.. I just dont get what couldve gone so terribly wrong in four hours. Im going to go bury my little friend. After I call and give that vet a piece of my mind.
  20. LiveSquid

    LiveSquid Elite Member

    Dont feel bad? He's freaking dead. Yeah, I feel bad. I appreciate your attempt at consolation, but its my fault he's dead and of course I feel really sh*tty for that. I was supposed to take care of him. I was supposed to be looking out for him and I failed him. I let him waste away to nothing and I let him die. I tried so hard here at the very end. I'm so sorry.

    Now to find an appropriate container for his burial. RIP, Chameleo.

    Cant believe how heartbreaking this is!
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