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Australian Goannas

Discussion in 'Book Suggestions' started by 70ridgeway, Apr 21, 2010.

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    Australian Goannas

    ©Daniel Bennett 2000

    Australian Goannas. Matt Vincent and Steve Wilson. 1999. New Holland Publishers, Frenchs Forest.

    The last few years have seen a proliferation of books in the English language about the Varanidae, or monitor lizards (King and Green 1993, Bennett 1995, 1998, De Lisle 1996, Steele 1997). With the exception of King and Green (1993), all of them suffer, to a greater or lesser extent, from trying to cover too wide a range of subjects in relation to a very diverse group of lizards. This inevitably leads to generalizations and can make for rather cumbersome reading. Vincent and Wilsons' book, as suggested by the t** concentrates only on Australian monitor lizards. Within it they discuss natural history, captive husbandry and conservation, yet manage to keep the book specific and highly readable. This book is clearly aimed at Australian reptile keepers, and it will serve as very strong encouragement and support for them. But it deserves to be popular elsewhere and I suspect that it will sell more copies in the USA than it does it its homeland.

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