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At 2,500 Pounds And 43 Feet, Prehistoric Snake Is Largest On Record

Discussion in 'The Library' started by Rich, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The largest snake the world has ever known -- as long as a school bus and as heavy as a small car -- ruled tropical ecosystems only 6 million years after the demise of the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, according to a new discovery published in the journal Nature.

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    Use this thread to discuss the article above. What are your thoughts about At 2,500 Pounds And 43 Feet, Prehistoric Snake Is Largest On Record?
  2. briana1399

    briana1399 Elite Member

    Wow, the pounds is what is hard for me to believe! That is a lot of snake! I don't see how it would be able to carry it's own weight being so large. How could it not just sit there and wait for death.
  3. fightingfeeders

    fightingfeeders Elite Member

    Snakes are amazing creatures. I really find it amazing that such a large creature could have even existed. I wouldn't want to meet it!
  4. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The weight of an object in water and on land are very different. The muscle structure on that snake would also be drastically different.Imagine a boa constrictor from this period and then amplify its size to meet that of one from that era. Everything would have increased, including the muscle. ;)
  5. briana1399

    briana1399 Elite Member

    I would so meet it!!!! Through really really really thick glass!!!! Can you imagine seeing a creature that massive? 1.25 tons? Although I don't understand how they can guess that is ate these things.

    "The scientists also found many skeletons of giant turtles and extinct primitive crocodile relatives that likely were eaten by the snake, he said."

    Just because it was near the snake skeleton doesn't necessarily mean that the snake ate it. Of course it would make sense.

    I didn't realize that heat had such an effect on the size of the snake.
    Yes, I didn't think about the muscle increasing also. WOW think of how strong it is!!!
  6. wgnelson

    wgnelson Elite Member

    My son Billy and I just read the article. Amazing! Billy wants to know if they could possibly extract some DNA samples and could they reconstruct the animal just like they did in Jurassic Park!:rolleyes:

    I said NO! Do you want a snake THAT SIZE coming through the campground, looking for it's next meal, YOU!:eek: He changed his mind, but still thought it would be cool:cool:
  7. kcftlaud08

    kcftlaud08 Elite Member

    Wow. Wow. That's incredible. I bet it was a beautiful display of power and control. Can you imagine? I also found it intriguing that they only estimate an average daily temperature of 10F less than millions of years ago. It makes me ponder the true impact of "global warming".
  8. briana1399

    briana1399 Elite Member

    Wow what if they really did try and succeed...and reconstructed one?
  9. wgnelson

    wgnelson Elite Member

    Not in my backyard!
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