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Are Crested Geckos Easy To Care For?

Discussion in 'Rhacodactylus' started by AnimalLover46, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. AnimalLover46

    AnimalLover46 Member

    Hey guys. I just got back from a trip to Africa (I have family that are missionaries there that we were visiting). It was such an amazing trip! While we were there, we went on a safari. There were these cutest little geckos that would visit my cabin/hut every night! Some were only a couple of centimeters long, and there was one that was a good foot that would visit my bathroom every night. It made me want a gecko now more than ever! (I almost considered taking one home, but that would be illegal....) Anyways, I'm still pretty sure that my parents won't let me get a leopard gecko, since they eat live food. (I haven't brought it up for about 2 months now- I don't want to nag) I mean, I still want one, but I'm looking into some other options as well. I've briefly considered getting a Crestie before, but now I'm seriously looking into it. I found some adorable ones with some pretty cool morphs. I know that they can mainly be kept on special crestie pre-made foods with supplements of fruit and what not. Of course I would get vitamins and everything else. It's not the food that I'm worried about. I've heard that their cages need to be misted down quite a bit and that they lick the water off of the walls, leaves, branches, etc. Would they actually drink out of a water dish if I supplied one? And how large should their cage be? I have a 10 gal right now- could I keep the baby in there and, when it gets larger, I will get at least a 20 gal. I would probably get something that's taller rather than longer. And I know I'll have to get a screen since cresties can actually climb. Any other things I should know about them? Are they smelly, loud, etc. Thanks for the help once again!
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    Crested geckos are extremely easy to care for and among the best beginner reptiles.

    Crested Gecko | Reptile Forums - Information

    On the off chance you don't know, the geckos you saw in Africa weren't cresties since they're native to a Pacific Island. They may drink out of a water dish but you should still mist the cage walls, if only to bump the humidity. I've learned that with reptiles that won't drink standing water if you direct a gentle stream of water onto their face with a spray bottle or something they'll drink from that. A 20 gallon is a good size for an adult. Provided the cage isn't allowed to get filthy they don't smell, and if you make a bioactive enclosure you'll hardly ever have to clean it. I think they produce a few chirps and such but nothing that will bother anyone.
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