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Anyone on the Site from Western Washington

Discussion in 'Reticulated Pythons' started by medusa1974, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. medusa1974

    medusa1974 Well-Known Member

    I live in Tacoma Washington and I'm looking for other snake lovers in the area. I have reticulated pythons that I need at least two people (if not more) to handle. I have a friend that helps me from time to time but he has his life and isn't always available to help. Just wondering if there is anyone somewhat local that would be interested in helping me out sometimes and I would be more than happy to help them out if they need. Summers coming, who knows maybe things work out and we can do some BBQing and hanging out?

    A little about my Retics my female Freyja is docile (well as docile as a 12Ft retic can be) but she is curios and a bit of a handful. My 9ft male Odin on the other hand needs work. He is temperamental and does mock strike from time to time. So anyone who helps me needs to be experienced or willing to listen close when they help me. Since I rescued them he has never bit me but he has a mouth and teeth so the chance is there.

    They are a mating pair so anyone interested could also help me when they breed and if interested could have a hatchling or two to raise themselves.

    DSCN01481_zpsf8e7a770.jpg DSCN01491_zps826b4d3a.jpg newestrescues_zpsf49a05a1.jpg newlovers_zps1f228563.jpg
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