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Any Thing I Should Know ?

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by TDR, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. TDR

    TDR Active Member

    Ok so yesterday at the ny reptile expo I was looking to buy another red tailed boa and came across this beautiful male adult breeder salmon boa for a great price and I couldn't leave him behind . So my question is , is there anything different about the care of a full grown male breeder salmon boa and what I already do with my baby red tail ? Like should the fact that he has been bred 2x already mean anything to me ?
  2. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    No that doesn't mean anything unless you breed. He is a proven breeder. Search temps and stuff bc I'm not 100% sure about care as I don't have a salmon.
  3. Crossbonecorns

    Crossbonecorns Active Member

    Same care, bigger enclosure.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    A boa is a boa is a boa. The care is the same regardless of color morph.
  5. Mrflay

    Mrflay Elite Member

    I was at the expo also in White Plains, NY, where I picked up my anerythristic boa for a great price which I couldn't leave behind !
  6. TDR

    TDR Active Member

    the adult breeder one ?

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