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Any Info on "swollen Head Syndrom"??

Discussion in 'Herp Health' started by cctbspencer, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. cctbspencer

    cctbspencer Elite Member

    One of my 2 year old female Dumerils boas saw the vet last Saturday for swelling in her face. I immediately suspected stomatitis but that didn't really fit. Neither myself nor the vet found any sign of infection. There is no pus, bleeding, cheesy material, etc. She does not have an URI. For lack of a better answer the vet is suspecting an allergic reaction to something. Nothing has changed. Nothing new in or around her tub, same frozen/thawed feeders, I haven't even changed my hand soap brand. She is on Ceftazidime injections. I just administered the third of four. The swelling is very symmetrical, nearly perfect. Her lower jaw is normal, only the top jaw is swollen. It is swollen back to her eyes on the sides, but the top of her head is normal as well. She looked normal on Wednesday and was swollen up on Friday; a bit too quickly for mouth rot. Her last meal was 5 days before the swelling showed up. I am not ruling out a broken tooth impaction. She started a shed cycle, her blues cleared up, but she never shed. Her eyes have now gone blue again. She is housed in a 41 quart Sterilite over 4" FlexWatt on a Hydrofarm thermostat set at 92. The actual temps in the tub are 89-91 on the heat, 74-77 cool side, ambient 78. Humidity is 45-55%. She has a 64 oz water bowl, newspaper substrate, and 4" PVC pipe hides. She is currently in a quarantine rack away from everyone else. Her behavior has been and still is absolutely normal. If she shows no improvement within a few days of finishing up the injections she is going back for blood work.

    Now to my question. I keep seeing mention of "swollen head syndrome" while reading online. It sounds like male carpet pythons sometimes show similar symptoms during ecdysis. Does anyone have any information on this? Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I am curious to see if her swelling goes away after the shed. I will post pictures later this evening.

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