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Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Field Herping' started by phearamedusa, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. phearamedusa

    phearamedusa Active Member

    A member on another forum posted this picture, lives in texas, and was wondering What the Heck is it? [​IMG]
    Thanks for any help.

    It's curled up in an orchid mounted on cork btw.
  2. djroberts

    djroberts Member

    looks a lot like a juveanile carpet but can't be to sure as picture is so small could also be a grey rat snake if its not would love to no what it is as its got me curios and have got the snake spieces guide out now
  3. caudalis_sa

    caudalis_sa Elite Member

    Looks like a young Great Plains Rat Snake. Pretty sure Gray rats do not have distribution into texas.
  4. phearamedusa

    phearamedusa Active Member

    if you click on the picture it'll take you to larger one on photobucket in a new window/tab.

    thanks to all who looked/responded.:)
  5. djroberts

    djroberts Member

  6. JustJames76

    JustJames76 Elite Member

    Hard call from the pic. Texas Rat Snake Elaphe obsoleta lindheimerii or Great Plains Ratsnake Elaphe guttata emoryi. With the color variances you find in these snakes, it's hard to tell. My guess would be Great Plains Ratsnake Elaphe guttata emoryi from the coloration and the slightly broken arrow on it's head, which is common in the species.
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