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Any Advice Would Be Great.

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by SnakeChick, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. SnakeChick

    SnakeChick Member

    Here are a few pics. Having a lot of trouble keeping humidity high .Sorry about the quality. This is Eves enclosure.
  2. SnakeChick

    SnakeChick Member

    Ok so I can't post pics!
  3. Wyldrose

    Wyldrose Elite Member

    Do you have a mesh lid? If you do then you need to cover it. Plywood, something solid not a towel. I like chloroplast it's like plastic cardboard. Cut it to fit over the entire lid. That will help keep the humidity inside.
    Do you use a heat light? Switch to a under the tank heater, heat lights dry the moisture in the air.
    Do you have a large water dish? A dish big enough for the snake to fit inside is usually enough to keep the enclosures humid enough.
    Are you using the little round dial from the petshop to measure your humidity? If you do toss it asap and head to Home depot, walmart or similar store. In the thermostat isle look for a digital hydrometer, they are usually under $20 and will give you an accurate reading of the humidity inside. The round dials are often wrong, a slight bump can put them off 20* in either direction.

    I hope that helps :)
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  5. SnakeChick

    SnakeChick Member

    Thank you so much. I have a mesh lid and to lights. I made a plywood lid with holes for the lights and safe sealed all cracks. I have a digital thermometer and hydrometer. I guess I need to go back and buy under tank much will a under tank heater heat the tank?
    She has a few hides and two water dishes.
  6. Rainbowsrus

    Rainbowsrus Well-Known Member

    Glass tank with a screen top is not the best enclosure for a high humidity species like BRB's but can be made to work. You will need the following modifications and/or additions...

    1) Plexi/Lexan top covering MOST of the screen top, you can drill a few holes for a LITTLE ventilation.
    2) Wrap three sides with insulation, I like "Reflectix" for this, can be found in home improvement stores in the insulation section. It's a bubble wrap like product but with aluminized plastic so you can't see through it. Two benefits, retains heat and makes the snake feel less exposed.
    3) Under Tank Heater with a decent Thermostat.
    4) Large surface water bowl.
    5) Appropriate size hide.
    6) Damp moss hide (is optional but really helps with humidity)
    7) Substrate - SOOOO many options and really they all work and each has benefits and drawbacks.

    One other point, temps should be measured at floor level where the snake is. Not half way up the walls. Get e infrared temp gun - Harbor freight has inexpensive ones.
  7. SnakeChick

    SnakeChick Member

    Thank you I did all if the above. She has eaten and shed. :)

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