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Discussion in 'General Venomous' started by Rainforest1, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Rainforest1

    Rainforest1 Active Member

    People kill me when they say they have a venomous snake. I ask them if they have anti venom and they usually respond no,or whats that!
    Here in the state of TN you are required by law to have anti venoms of the species of venomous snakes you own.Working at a reptile zoo in TN,TWRA sends us venomous stuff all the time.A couple of weeks ago we received a Sumatran cobra.A man was keeping him in a dresser drawer! The snake is around 3 1/2 feet.We also received a WAG mamba,rhino viper,and a waglers viper. The people who had these didnt have the antidotes so if they got bit,they were up the creek w/ no paddle! Last year a man in the area was bitten by his pet king cobra. He didnt gave the anti venom and almost died.If you get bit and dont have the anti venom,you use up zoo stock, so if someone at the zoo gets bit,they are screwed.Happened to us a while back, my friend was bitten by a WDR and would have died if another zoo didnt have the anti venom.
    In short, keeping any species of venomous snake is not safe and should ONLY be recommended to pro and zoo's, both of those should have anti venoms and a venomous species licence.
  2. Tha3rdman

    Tha3rdman Elite Member

    Well said, I would assume that a lot of venomous purchases are done as impulse buys, from people who really don't weigh the consequences, though I'm sure there are people who have the experience and the means to rightfully care for a venomous species and any iossue that arises from any mishap.

    On the side how would one procure some anti-venom? Something else on my what if wish list, atropine auto injectors, diazepam, Pralidoxime, Lorazepam,Amyl nitrite pearls, and Sodium Thiosulfate, a few mark I kits would be handy as well, but hey we cant have everything we want :)
  3. KrokadilyanGuy3

    KrokadilyanGuy3 Elite Member

    I don't think a person should be objected to having antivenin if they choose to have venomous creatures.

    For one, it's expensive. Most antivenin has a relatively short shelf life and is somewhat costly. (5 vials is the recommended norm. for a bite. Most vials will be about $200+ depending on species.)
    Plus what if you are allergic to polyvalent, and since that's the most commonly available product, odds are it will be the most purchased, especially since crofab is a lot more expensive. Who's to say you aren't allergic to that as well? Not to mention the limited amount of exposure to the use of the products.

    More importantly, Exotic antivenin is not FDA approved and thanks to malpractice suits Most doctors will refused to administer it. It's best to know where you can get it fastest, which hospital can get it, or if they stock it. A lot of Florida hospitals either stock or have fast access to these products.

    I mean, you do have the option of dosing yourself, but I'd bet anaphylactic shock(could happen) would suck.

    If I were to say to have any aid near you, I'd say adrenalin would be a nice touch.

    The best protocol is to know where to go, where to get the antivenin, and make sure they are prepared to handle the situation if one should arise. Perhaps you can buddy up a few doctors and con them into giving you your self bought products.

    I have never second guessed myself if I should carry my own stock or not. I do however make sure local facilities can help if they are forced too.

    And perhaps I'm mislead because of the keepers I personally know, but I disagree with hots being impulse purchases.
  4. Rainforest1

    Rainforest1 Active Member

    I see what your saying...But if you have something like a fer-de-lance and you live in the middle of BFE the closest hospital may not have the antivenin,and if your allergic and have an allergic reaction-the hospital has medication for that.Its better to take a chance than sit there knowing your going to die.
  5. KrokadilyanGuy3

    KrokadilyanGuy3 Elite Member

    I can see if if you are into the rarer specimens. I would hate to hear that there's no local help for my bite.
  6. Tha3rdman

    Tha3rdman Elite Member

    I'd lump you in with the "people who have the experience and the means to rightfully care for a venomous species and any issue that arises from any mishap." Not Joe blow that gets a venomous species, because "I really really want one" That said I personallly have no desire for a lethally venomous anything, I'm not the luckiest person in the world and I would be one of those yaywhoos who get bit.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I will have to go on board here with Zip. There are a lot of people out there who have absolutely no business with venomous reptiles. I have ran into many of them!
    There are people like Zane who do have some experience and know their protocols but there are many more who don't. I have been dealing with forums for many years and couldn't count the number of times I have had discussions to the effect of "I have had a cornsnake for a year and I am ready to move up to venomous!"
    The problem is all they have to do is go to the local herpshow.
    You can also order just about anything you want online no questions asked, not even YOUR AGE!!

    Zip makes a good point. If you are bitten and you don't have your own Antivenin yourself it has to come from somewhere. With exotics particularly that "somewhere" is the local zoo. And what hapens if one of their keepers are envenomated and they don't have the necessary antivenin to treat them due to having to use it all to treat somebody who thought it made him Mr Macho to have this exotic snake that can kill you and was showing it off to his buddies (often after a few beers).

    Now let me say that I am NOT in favor of outlawing the keeping of hots. Just that there be a bit more control over their availabilty.
  8. Rainforest1

    Rainforest1 Active Member

    I know guys who have gone all thier lives dealing with venomous snakes and havnt been bitten.One-common sense...Two-respect for the animal...Three-not handling them with your hands.Four-Using a snake hook.
    When I work with one I always make sure there is someone there as a back-up (extra set of eyes).They are pro's and know what to do!
    Today we recieved our first Bitis gabonica.We DID NOT even attampt a snake hook because we dont have the antivenin yet,we simply dumped him in.
    Merlin-your right-trying to be a macho man is a good way to get your self killed!
    Tha3rdman-Im not the luckiest either-a redtail went crazy on me today!My arm bled like a stuck pig for an hour,and is full of holes.My fualt though,did something wrong somewhere?

    BRIZZY Banned User

    It's just a goo precuation in general if you own a venomous snake tohave anit venom. I know here near allentown pa where i live they have no anti venom for miles and miles!! So see ya if you get bit and have no anitvenom! I also don't really feel bad for the people because they sould be more careful or just not own the snake!
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