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Another Newbie

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cate0404, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. cate0404

    cate0404 Member

    Mid- I have always wanted a ferret since I was in high school, but have heard they can be a right pain to look after.

    Vega74 - argh! but I have that one sussed!! My oldest child is 12, my next child to turn ten (and therefore pick a pet) is 6. So therefore he has 4 years until he gets to pick, that will make my daughter 16, 16 year olds live at their friends houses so therefore will open up more space to have more animals!!!!

    (Do you reckon that would slide with most people?!?o:))

    Tedmunds - Thanks for the welcome. I also don't think having a snake will happen for me in the very near future. I do family day care and the children's parents have told me they will pull their children if I get a snake.:( But maybe one day!
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    They ARE!
    I was looking into aquiring one a while back. With the things I learned about them It was decided,... no.
    They have a number of medical conditions that can afflict them, and they can't take heat. Our summers here would be terrible on them unless the AC was running full bore.

    As cute as they are,... they just weren't a good fit here.
  3. cate0404

    cate0404 Member

    I must admit the heat was one thing that really stopped me from going ahead. Even though our winters here are quite cold our summers are hot and muggy. And supposedly ferrets stink to high heaven!!
  4. tedmunds

    tedmunds Elite Member

    I have a friend that had a ferret and she said no matter what she did it stunk. Every one I have met tried to gnaw my hand off. Apparently, ferrets don't like me.
  5. cate0404

    cate0404 Member

    I have only ever met one ferret and that was a baby, it was very cute - but lord the teeth!! Mind you it could be worse - it could be a mountain lion that took a dislike to you!!:D
  6. vega74

    vega74 Elite Member

    There ya go when the kids move out is when the fun starts craving for more reptiles has time to grow. An than you have rooms to work with. Were just starting our first dedicated reptile room. But on the ferrets they are awesome if there not yours. Several people I know have had them if you can't give them most of your time they get nippy an trust me it hurts when they bite. They do stink if there litter isn't cleaned atleast once aday for everyone you have. So for two clean twice a day etc. But if you have the time for them they can be very loving smart pet.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I had no issue dealing with the smell. With my zoo I am always cleaning up after something!:rolleyes:
    The heat tolerance, or lack there of, was one of the things that stopped me. I had actually considered one as a traveling companion. But most of my summer is spent outside doing shows and days of temps in the upper 90's and above would have been too rough on one.
  8. cate0404

    cate0404 Member

    I could cope with a kitty litter (my cats are inside cats only and their litter gets cleaned three times day), but I thought they also had a general stink to them as well?
    I liked the idea of having something that little bit smaller but was still fluffy, but it's just not going to happen I don't think. I've gone down the rat line but once he passed away I decided I wouldn't go down that road again.

    I like the idea of having a room dedicated to reptiles, but in my house it is just not going to happen. Well not for at least 10 years anyway!! LOL!

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