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Another Homemade Terrarium.

Discussion in 'HH General Discussion' started by HDreptiles, May 15, 2011.

  1. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    Thank you. It is not my design, but one I will gladly use. I wish I knew who did it so I could give them credit on it. It is amazing. I am probably never going to use any other design. Unless it needs to be huge.

    And I know what you mean about the mistakes. I have a list of things I will change on the next one. The first thing is going to not use MDF ever again. I will use plywood next time. And next time will start really soon. Maybe in 2 weeks while I wait for this one to be done fuming after I paint it.

    Hopefully tomorrow, I will get the door done, the lamp holes cut and the silicone in place. The only thing left after that will be the Drylok, plexi and painting. But all that will have to wait as I am due to leave for a 10 day trip to Maryland on thurs night. As soon as I get back, all the finish work will get done, then it will be a waiting game.
  2. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    No worries about giving credit - there is no such thing as an original design. Everything we do is influenced by something else.

    Let's face it, a rack is a rack. A box is a box.

    Kudos to you for diving in and building something. I find it therapeutic and have sold everything I have made. It is the process I enjoy as much as the finished piece.
  3. geckograndma

    geckograndma Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to see it finished.
  4. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    You are very right. Lol. And I love working with my hands. Maybe one day I will get to the point of selling them but for the moment I have 4 more to build and I have to build a cage for my fiancee's rats now too. I am gonna love every minute of it though.

    Neither can I. :D Next up will be 2 identical ones for my leopard geckos.
  5. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    OK, boys and girls. Let's get this thing almost done. I cut the door out and got the holes for the lights cut today.


    This is the hole for the fluorescent fixture. It is a 24" fish tank hood with a 25% uvb bulb in it. I think the bulb is Zilla.


    Here is the hole for the heat lamp. I simply traced the lamp and cut it out.


    The door. Pretty straight forward. It will have a piece of plexi siliconed to the inside of it to act as the viewing pane.

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  6. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    Then I used silicone on all the inside seams. This is what I used.


    I covered all the seams with a liberal helping of it.


    And that is it for now. It is now ready for paint, plexi and finish hardware.


    I am going to Maryland for a week on thurs, so all the painting will be done when I get back.

    Another thing I will change on future terrariums is that it will be tall enough for all of the lights to be mounted inside the terrarium.

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  7. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    Coming together nicely!
  8. DaliKalak

    DaliKalak Well-Known Member

    Looking goooood! Thumbs up.
    I'm finding myself addicted to customizing reptile enclosures... Today I was brainstorming a multi-layer climbing penthouse for geckos... So I love topics like this, it's fun to watch people build!
  9. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    Thank you.

    Actually, my next 2 are going to be for my Leopard Gecko's. And I know what you mean about build threads. I am addicted to them.
  10. annaj328

    annaj328 Elite Member

    looks good! cant wait to see it all set up!
  11. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    Thanks. I can't wait either.:D
  12. AZEquine

    AZEquine Member

    Is it finished yet?
  13. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    Not yet. I am waiting on the Drylok and some finish hardware. But had to put the project off for a while due to some job changes. I will hopefully be getting it done really soon though. Then I can start on the other ones.
  14. whackett

    whackett Member

    Thanks great job the vents helped a lot as I was looking for a way to do them

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