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Angry Skittles -?

Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Kamala, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Kamala

    Kamala Active Member

    I'm going to admit, I am a bit new to the chameleon thing. My experience is with snakes, however I acquired an adult veiled chameleon from a friend about a month ago and I love that daggum lizard. Her name is Skittles.

    This was her the night I brought her home


    She was lookin pretty good right?!

    My friend was taking excellent care of her. I have everything set up just like she did. I am gut loading the crickets. I am using the calcium and vitamin powder as directed...

    I have the enclosures basking spot up high sitting at 93 degrees and the bottom of the cage stays around 82 degrees and the humidity reads usually anywhere between 48% and 53%


    I should prolly take another picture. I didn't have the lights set up at that point.

    Anyway, she stays brown during the day. I walk in there and she is brown from the get go. She turns her pretty green at night while sleeping. I know that the brown is indicative of trying to absorb heat or uv rays, but she is very hissy and jerky. She eats like a monster! She ate 25 full grown crickets one day soon after she came home! And I know for a fact my friend was feeding her well. I understood that chameleons cannot be overfed, however, I stopped at 25... figured they could use some time to digest. I feed her every other day and she eats until I stop putting crickets in the cage, usually 15-20 is where I've been staying.

    Now, she turned green at my friends house during the day! My friend got her to eat mango and other whatnot fruit too. She won't eat any salad or fruit stuff for me. That is the only difference I can figure.

    And get this... a kitten of mine is fascinated by the crickets. I have a steel baby gate up to keep the other cats out of the room, but the kitten can still wiggle through the gate bars.Every time I go to grab her I know where she is, laying on the floor staring at the crickets on the rack under Skittle's cage. Every time during the day I've walked in there to get the kitten, the chameleon is green. Once I get up the cage she turns brown again :(

    Edited for language! Please do not attempt to circumvent our censors!
  2. Kamala

    Kamala Active Member

    Ok, there is something super weird going on. Today the kitten (the only one small enough to squeeze through the baby gates... only when I let her out of my room) was in Skittle's room, and I heard a sound so I went and checked. Skittles is up pretty high on the bakers rack and there's nothing the cat can grab onto to jump up on so, she was trying... not getting anywhere but trying.

    Skittles, was on the floor of the cage with her nose up to the screen watching the kitten. She wasn't brown. She was dark green, brown and red. When I grabbed the kitten and popped his butt and said, "You leave that lizard alone" Skittle's hissed at me and began climbing back up to her tree top


    Oh but any other time, she now stays either that dark green, red, brown combo of colors or a variation of med to dark greens usually. I reworked a vine through the cage all around the tree top so she has more perch area, and I added a little dripper and took away the ice cube drip tupperware thing I had, and she seems to be happy with the changes. Although during the day one of the only times I have seen her bright green, like a total of twice, was one time when the kitten was laying there in front of the cage.

    Animals just love this kitten. My chihuahua adopted it. Like literally claimed the cat the second I brought it home. The cat was found by a friend of mine in a dumpster. I planned on taking it to a no kill shelter or sanctuary if I couldn't network online to rehome it, but the second it was in my room it went into a sleep coma on my bed and the chihuahua was licking its feet and nosing it's stomach and laying beside it watching it. When the cat finally woke up, they were friends in like 5 minutes, and have been inseparable since. All my other cats also warmed up the the kitten within a day, and when you're talking like six other cats, that's pretty amazing. I swear there is something special about that cat, but I'm still not letting it out of my room without being nearby as long as it can squeeze through the bars into the chameleons room

    And for the record I wasn't --trying-- to circumvent the language censors. I thought my phrase was far enough off from a curse word that it wouldn't matter. Like that one bumper sticker: "Mr. President, European on us" European/You're peeing. It was about like that but better.

    Anyway, here's my two little devils I am speaking of here



    Note the kitty eyes in the shadows... lol

    I feel like I am talking to myself lol, but Skittles is actually HUNTING all over her cage now! I just fed her and she was very active, before she'd just sit at the top and wait for the crickets to come to her. Now she's acrobating all around the branches and down to the floor and back up top, and when she was hunting when she found a cricket she turned brighter green. I'm so excited. This is big for me cause I'm new to chameleons lol. I'm going to try and add more vines and bush. Watching her maneuver and hunt is really awesome.

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  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Sounds like she is coming along well. Best of luck with you new family member, great story by the way! :)

    I know nothing about chameleons, but they sure are gorgeous.
  4. Kamala

    Kamala Active Member

    Dude, when I walked in there earlier, before her feeding, when the kitten was trying to jump up to the cage this is how she was


    before hissing at me when I popped the kittens butt and crawling back up the tree.

    After her feeding was well over and the crickets had been gone, I walked back in her room, and there she was like that again


    When I walked up to the cage she backed away and promptly crawled back up to the top of her tree...

    She has seriously NEVER hung out on the floor of the cage ever before

    Totally weird.

    If this gets weirder at least I recorded the story so everyone doesn't think I'm crazy
  5. SpookyCheerios

    SpookyCheerios Elite Member

    I know absolutely nothing about chameleons, but this all made me giggle quite a bit. Good luck! Sounds like we have a lizard with a 'tude!

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