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Amazon Tree Boa Or Red Tail Boa

Discussion in 'Boas' started by The scout, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. The scout

    The scout New Member

    Hey guys. I want to know what would make a good pet for me. I am 15 and new to snake keeping but these two have always fascinated me. I am not new to herp keeping I have kept hermit crabs and leopard geckos but want to try a snake. I researched a lot with ATBs and found they were aggressive? Is that true?
    What should I choose. I would rather choose the ATB because I am short. Btu are there any other tree boas out there? I was going to choose a GTP looked too difficult and people were telling other people to try an ATB on forums. But I am starting out what should I choose?
  2. Jsilverback64

    Jsilverback64 Established Member

    Neither. Neither snake is for a beginner snake keeper. Hermit crabs aren't herps and don't require near the care. Leo's are cool little guys but very basic. If you mist try a snake I'd suggest a corn snake or milk snake for beginners. Then move up to ball pythons. Take it slow. And yest gtp and atb are very bitey and fairly aggressive. Also may try a Kenyan sand boa as they only get about 3 feet and are still really cool snakes.
  3. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    I have to agree with the above, neither is a good choice at your level of experience. Amazon trees tend to be bitey little buggers from what I have seen, more so than green tree pythons. Red tails, while generally much calmer and easier to handle, get to a size that could easily be too much for a beginner to deal with.
    The above recommendations are good ones for a beginner to snakes. Corns and milks are active and tend to be little garbage trucks when it comes to feeding. Balls are calmer, but can have some minor feeding issues which can be extremely stressful for a new keeper.
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