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amazon tree boa info needed...

Discussion in 'Emerald Tree Boa/Arboreal Boas' started by Cornyballpython, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    hey i have been wanting another snake for a while and a few days ago i was waching fear factor... yah well they had some amazons in a tank and so forth and i said there it is thats what i want... im not looking for flaiming i just want a yes/no thing here...

    1. how agressive are they?
    2. can the live in one of those screan cages? im geting one for 20 bucks just wanted 2 know...
    3. umm... how much are hachlings normaly priced? (as normal as they come im not looking for a show peace)
    4. do they tame or in other words once tame can they be held by ppl?
    5. if they cant be housed in a screen cage whats a good cage?

    to all of you who have wondered were i have been, i have quit my job at the pet store cause i did not agree w/some things that they said that we cant say... im going to real high school next year yay for me umm my corn snakes sleet and seismo are dooing great um they are growing finaly dont know what was holding them up? umm Akua my ball python is doing great, i was on tv about 2 weeks ago on the news for my snakes they did a pet story on me that was fun... i am offisoly Snake Girl LOL umm well i have rambled enugh

  2. jshrad

    jshrad Elite Member


    1. They are more aggressive than most snakes. They don't like to be held usually.
    2. No, they cannot live in an all screen cage.
    3. Hatchlings are usually around $100-$150
    4. All snakes can "tame". It would just be more work with an ATB.
    5. A good cage is usually a taller rubbermaid or an aboreal tank. You can turn a 20L into an aboreal cage using an article here at HCN.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Cornyballpython

    Cornyballpython Elite Member

    yup way more help then some of the sites i have found ;) thanks
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