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Am I the Only One Who Does This?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alpine, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    So, in my spare time I like to look through Yahoo! answers. I generally look through and see what I can answer and whether or not it is something that I know about. So since I started on this forum I have seen TONS of people who are asking different (fairly dumb.. honestly) questions about their various mammals and reptiles that they have as pets. So I point them in the direction of this forum (and a few others that I am a part of) to get care sheets and opinions on what they are doing right or wrong. Does anyone else do this with any regularity? I think it is good to do to encourage people to get proper information on the pets that many buy on a whim without knowing the proper care. Like I said, I only answer questions that I have personal experience with, otherwise I link them to your care sheet page, or directly to the relevant care page, and if they seem really confused I mention that they can also go here to get answers for different issues that they may have with their reptiles.
  2. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Unfortunately I think most reptiles are bought on impulse.
    Iguanas would have never taken off years ago if people knew anything about them. I was one of those who bought one like 22 yrs ago. Of course that was a little different as there really wasn't any available info on them.
    As well as NO internet (*gasp*)
  3. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    Yeah the internet is a beautiful thing. Only thing I can't seem to understand is why people don't at least GOOGLE something before they buy it? I mean I google all the information I can about animals before I buy them and then I don't usually have any problems. These people go to yahoo answers after they have the animal and there is a problem, and even then with the issues that some of these people have it would be perfectly reasonable to assume that they could find and answer on google if they simply thought to look. It just drives me insane!!!!
  4. cassicat4

    cassicat4 Subscribed User Premium Member

    I don't go on Yahoo answers, but I do go on Kijiji and respond to the ads where people are looking for a reptile that they obviously know nothing about and I direct them to this forum or others, as well as direct them to notable breeders in my area to seek advice prior to making a purchase. As most don't respond, I'm not sure how many take my suggestions to heart, but at least I tried to do right by the animals involved.
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I used to pop in on Yahoo answers a long time ago just to remind myself how truly ignorant some people are.
    I found it was better just to stay off of that site.
  6. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    *Gasp* YOUR SO OLD!!!! Ok sorry I couldn't resist...
    That aside I constantly google. As I go on rescue calls I google what the animals care sheet to brush up and then when I get their and see the animal I usually google to find out what kind of animal it actually is. It has helped a lot on deciding whether or not I should stop at the vet on the way home.
  7. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    Yeah, I google EVERYTHING about my animals. I don't waste time, though what I can't figure out is why people don't do this BEFORE they buy an animal. It just makes no sense at all! Then again I can understand buying an animal on impulse, it is kind of what I did with my latest ball python, but at the same time I had a good temporary set up for him at home and I was just looking for something to put in it. When I saw him I thought back and remembered much from my previous one and when I got home I double checked everything online to make sure he would be fine. This isn't something that should ALWAYS be done, and now that I have 3 pets I sure as **** won't do it. But buying on a whim I can see people doing... Especially from petco and petsmart where they really only want to make a sell.
  8. alpine

    alpine Elite Member

    Mind you I know a lot of places where the sell is what matters, but my local pet store is more invested, when I went in the owner walked me through everything answered my questions and pointed me in the direction of things that I would need, and I purchased one of my leopard geckos from them. So far everything has been good with them, which is why I keep coming back and have no complaints, but then again that isn't all stores, and quite a few in my area are pretty cruddy.
  9. Genko

    Genko Elite Member

    Yes, Thal, some of us are us are so ancient, we had to once rely on things called books, in a place called, a library...LOL!! Just messing with ya.

    I've been trying for three decades to educate people on responsible pet/dog ownership. Every once in awhile, somebody learns something... So much of the time, folks just have a very hard time admitting that they need educating in the first place. I totally get where Merlin is coming from.

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