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Am I feeding her enough??

Discussion in 'Burmese Pythons' started by Ssativa, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. Inphormatika

    Inphormatika Elite Member

    I think I need to clarify my earlier statement about feeding her.

    I would feed him a medium/large prey item about every 6-8 days for a few weeks, so he can get his strength up, then I would switch to a slightly longer rotation (perhaps 8-10 days). I would still feed a smaller prey item a bit more often, rather than a larger prey item a bit less often, as it might prevent him from becoming overly hungry and a bit too eager to feed.

    However, this is all just stuff I've read from caresheets. I'm in no way an expert.
  2. smallgrayfox

    smallgrayfox Contributing Member

    That's what we do with Spectre's fuzzies and it works like a charm. No smell at all....I'm starting to get worried though after reading this thread...Is there no smell because we're using fuzzies, and as he moves into larger prey things will start stinking? I'm not looking forward to that, if that's what's in store. Yuck. Or is it rats as opposed to mice that smell worse?

    I guess I'll just have to put a clothespin on my nose, 'cause a snake's gotta eat! :eek:
  3. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    I haven't noticed a smell with my f/t, you ought to try raising your own mice, now there is a smell. lol
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I use everything from pinkie mice to small rats and have never noticed any smell with thawing any of them. And I thaw them laying open on a saucer in a warm area. Where are you getting your frozen feeders? If there is a lot of smell they may have been thawed and refrozen at some point resulting in a little bit of decomposition having set in.
  5. Inphormatika

    Inphormatika Elite Member

    I get mine from I've always noticed a slight smell. Maybe my schnozz if just more sensitive than most.
  6. smallgrayfox

    smallgrayfox Contributing Member

    My son swears he can smell Spectre's fuzzies...even though nobody else can. Maybe some people are more sensitive.

    Is there any problem with thawing dinner in a cup of warm water without a bag? We've had to do that a few times because we were out of bags, and Spectre really seems to like wet fuzzies. I wasn't sure if that was ok for too much of the time though. My son swears they smell stronger to him wet, but I can't smell them at all, wet or dry.
  7. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    They smell worse to me when wet, as my garter has them in his water bowl, and by crickey they stink :eek:
  8. Ssativa

    Ssativa Subscribed User Premium Member


    Before I got the snake, Dubious lived with my mom. A lot was going on and poor Dubious had almost been forgotten about. She hadn't had food or water and when my mom finally realized and opened the tank she was bitten. I was not there, but my mom said that it wasn't even half as bad as getting a cat scratch. That is the only time that my snake has struck at anyone. Mabey I'm just lucky. Have you ever been bitten? Is it really that bad??
  9. MalformedMessiah

    MalformedMessiah Elite Member

    I dont have any experience with Burms...(yet)...but I've done 100's of hours of research on them....and from what I've read....even a young burmese python has the potential to do a considerable amount of damage if it hits you in the right spot
  10. Lord_Jason

    Lord_Jason Active Member

    Well - I have had Burms from hatchlings upto 12' long. I do have a few comments. Baby snakes tend to go for more vital parts, like the eyes. I got tagged once right below my eyeball when I was looking at a litter of het granite burmese babies. Very interesting concepts.

    The only thing that larger snakes have going is bigger teeth. Trust me, when an adult wants a piece of you, you REALLY need to watch it, because they are more likely to grab and gnaw and not just release. 100+ razor sharp teeth being ground into your flesh is not fun, trust me, and for a second opinion, ask Merlin.

  11. Todd

    Todd Elite Member

    I'l go ahead and second that one hundred plus razor sharp teeth might not be the first thing I would like near my face. Well, wait....let me think... Yes. Yes, I would prefer not. ;)
  12. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The bite of a baby (couple of feet long) is really no big deal.
    One thing that you have to keep in mind here is relativity! When talking about a snake that can reach 20+ ft long a "small one" may still be referring to a snake 6-7 ft long!

    Indeed! Most definately something to be avoided if at all possible! Owwwwwww!
  13. Ssativa

    Ssativa Subscribed User Premium Member

    :eek: 100+ razor sharp teeth! Well, it's probably best if I don't think too much about those, but thanks for the warning guys. ;)
  14. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    VERY sharp

    I really think my BRB wasn't being fed enough and that's why she bit my ear. It was not a defensive strike, it came at full force (bruising!!) and with a firm bite. (I've got photos of my ear afterwards, but I won't post them unless someone wants to see. -- I don't know about Burms but BRBs do have razor sharp teeth!!!!!)
    Since offering my BRB more food she ate 4 weanling size/hopper? rats last week and seems to have calmed down considerably since then. (The guy who sold her to me recommended 2 weanlings every 14 days.) "Talyn" is over 6ft long and about 10 inches in diameter at her widest. I just couldn't believe that could be enough food for her and asked around and read everything I could find. I've had recommendations of feeding rats as thick as her widest body part and feeding 2 of those every 10-14 days. (the weanlings weren't much bigger than her head) That's what I'm going to try for a while.
    I also switched her to F/T (she was being fed live and F/K before). She had no problem switching (cuz she was starving?!?) I've heard that leaving the thawed rat for her to find can also help make a snake more docile (not having to hunt and attack something moving).
    I feed in a separate container (plastic sweater box) ALWAYS!!!!. My first thaw was not very successful and the rats burst open! (talk about a SMELL!!! I thought I'd pass out!!!) Glad that wasn't in her terrarium and I don't want her swallowing any of the substrate anyway.
    I also think that thawed rats have a strong smell, but I have a sensitive nose! I'm not sure I'd want to raise live rats and smell that either, though!
    My husband is a medical doctor and he has NO problems with keeping the frozen rats in our freezer. They are in plastic ziplocs and in a plastic container. But he says the same thing as others: the chicken in your freezer has WAY more salmonella and other bacteria on it!!!!!! :eek:
    Good luck with your Burm. It sounds like you really care about her and I'm sure you'll do a great job with her. :)
  15. Ssativa

    Ssativa Subscribed User Premium Member

    Ouch! your ear! Well, the snake knows how to get your attention. Call me sick but I'd like to see the after pics. And if you could, post a picture of the snake too.
  16. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    After ear!

    Here are the pics. My ear bled a lot, but this is after it got all cleaned up. The bruising actually hurt worse than the bites. She really clamped down! You can see how her second (inner row) of teeth got a part of my ear on the inside too.) See after ear.JPG
    The other photos were taken the evening before (and before I knew I should keep her away from my head!!! -- before I knew she wasn't being fed enough!!!)
    Ah well Live and learn! My ear is OK now (only took about a week to heal -- My trust/ confidence is going to take a bit longer to heal!!!).

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  17. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    OWWWWWWWWW! :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Good greif! 2 hoppers every 2 weeks for a snake THAT size. No wonder its nippy! The poor thing was starving!
    I would go with one prey item the size of the snake's body at the widest point once a week. If you are feeding smaller multiples you are actually spending more and there is more that the snake doesn't digest.
  18. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member


    I know it's not very efficient (AND EXPENSIVE), but I still have 6 of those little runts in the freezer. She seemed to digest the last meal fine. Should I just use up the little ones (3-4 per feeding) and then switch over to bigger? Or would it be better to get bigger ones and feed on big, one small until the hoppers are used up?
  19. Lord_Jason

    Lord_Jason Active Member

    Bigger prey is always better to a point. pound for pound there is less waste in one prey item that weighs the same as two smaller ones.


    *I feed rabbits exclusivly to all me constrictors*
  20. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    What I was referring to was that parts of each prey animal just don't digest
    (skin and fur for instance.) By feeding multiples of the same weight as a single you have doubled the amount not digested.
    You can go ahead and use what you aready have. No sense wasting them. You also might consider taking and giving one small and following it with one of the bigger ones to introduce Talyn to the new food item.
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