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Am I electable to own a reptile?

Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by rbl, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. rbl

    rbl MacGyver in real life

    Ah! Thanks Jay! I though a good old "soap-n-water rub" would suffice =)
  2. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Hides are pretty simple to explain. Leopard geckos are nocturnal, during the day, they hide. Depending upon the leopard gecko, and how it chooses to thermoregulate, the leo needs to have options. There should be a "warm" hide. This hide would be located on the warmer end of the enclosure. There should also be a "cool" hide. This would be located on the cool end of the enclosure. Then there is a moist hide. Moist hides are placed in varying places in the enclosure and really don't have a set place. The middle of the enclosure would be the ideal location as the temperatures are less likely to cause rapid evaporation. The moist hide serves several purposes. It is an aid for leopard geckos that are shedding. The added moisture helps the skin to separate from the leopard gecko. A moist hide also allows for hydration as most animals, humans included, can absorb moisture through the skin. It also provides a nesting area for gravid females.
    Leopard geckos that are not in shed will still utilize a moist hide during thermoregulation. This is not an uncommon practice. In fact, some leos will use the moist hide as their primary cave, and will only leave when they don't require or want the added moisture or need to increase or decrease their body temperature. A moist hide should be available at all times.
    Leopard geckos will sleep in the hide that best suits their needs at that time. Some geckos will have a "favorite" hide that they use more than the rest, but all 3 should be available.
  3. rbl

    rbl MacGyver in real life

    Ahhhhh!! Much clearer now! Thanks a lot Rich!! =)
  4. samantha

    samantha Elite Member

    rich i found your response rude. please do not correwctme in this manner agian, i do nto mind you correcting the facts but the manner you corrected it was immature.i am a member of this bloard and i was just adding input. the caresheet i found was not your way but do not push your way as the only right way. different people find different methods there is not one set in stone way.
    seeing as the temperatures i recommended were not wrong your critisizing my wording was unnesessary. being unsure of all the methods is nto a problem the problem is when you pass off methods and tell you are sure of them, then you will also get posts that start with oh no, or what do i do. it is more honest to say this is the way that works for me but these are some other mehtods that are known to work too, try some different ones and see which one suits you best.i am nto going to lie and say this is the only right way when there is more than one way that works well. sand is a no no i was not wrong in statin not to use sand, then i went on to recommend other substrates such as siol, peat, and paper towels, newspaper, ect. then they will see al of the options nto just one or two. impaction is always an issue, but m ore common with substrates such as pea gravel, gravel, sand. paper is undigestible, which also means newspaper is a impaction risk as well. all i was stating is the ones that have more common impaction problems. not saying you cant get impaction with this. a natural aquarium in my opinion is the better way to go, real grass is digestible, and siol removed of rocks and tree bark is less likely to cause impaction than sand or gravel. the caresheet did state somehting about using an undertank heater, i also stated not to use heat rocks. repti carpet, unless they were selling outdoor carpet as repti carpet in the pet store is not a soft material and would probably be uncomfortable, my skin is not as sensitive as a leos and i would rather lay in grass or dirt than on repti carpet, or carpet of most any kind. repti carpet is find for scaled herps but i was talking in the manner of comfort for the lil guy. i do not have leos and have not but thatr is why i consulted a care sheet.

    your response manner rich was rude and gives off a bad impression of this site. i left reptile rooms for their rude responses, not just to me but to everyone. this site is not for one person to run the show and tell everyone the way to do everyhting, its for all the members to leave their opinions and views. which gives a more vast outlook. and its all the members working together that make the site work.

    i understand your need to correct wht you see and have found as false that is nto what bothers me, i am glad you corrected me but your manner of correctiing me was immature and rather rude. all i was doing was trying to help please try to not have such a closed mind to others opinions. i will leave feedback where i feel i can and if it is not what you think is suitable dont tell me im misleading, try saying something like that has been shown to have some problems in this area, but here is what works for me. you cannot tell a person what will work for them, you can tell them the best ways to go, and they are mroe apt to listen to your advice if you give it in a friendly manner. i am sorry you do not agree with the caresheet i found but please do not come back so disrespectful the next time. like i said i do not mind being corrected but i do not liek to be disrespected. i am not condemning you or your methods and have no problem with your ways of doing with your leos but please treat me wiht respect as i am here for the same reason everyone else is, to help the best i can and learn.
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Samantha, I am very sorry you took offense in the way the post was worded but Rich is correct. Posting in the manner you did was irresponsible.
    We at Herpcenter constantly strive to provide the best information that we can. If you do not KNOW the answer do not suggest that you do and then quote care sheets that you found somewhere! That is one of the problems with the internet. Any one with a computer can post a care sheet whether it is factual or not. This is the way that erronius information continues to circulate.

    There were a number of things in your post that I disagreed with as well.
    Where exactly did you get that? Have you ever seen newspaper that has gotten wet? It turns to MUSH! And even if it didn't I have yet to see a leo that was capable of swallowing a sheet of nespaper.
    You have already stated that you do not keep Leos but state that you have tried this. This is not only contradictory but dangerously misleading. You cannot maintain a closed self cleaning ecosystem in a ten gallon tank! Suggesting that by putting dirt and a few worms in the tank keeps the tank clean is mistaken. The leos would soon be living in filthy conditions. Also leos live in arid conditions. If the soil was dry enough for the leos the worms would dry up and die and if the soil was damp enough for the worms the leos would be living in too much humidity.
    While Rich does indeed own the site and is within his right to do anything he chooses with it he does not singlehandedly "run the show". Both Dominick and myself are fully capable of telling him that he is is wrong about something. And we do. That is why there are 3 admins not one! It brings balance.

    Again Samantha I am sorry that your feelings were hurt but you have to consider that part of our job here is to make SURE that the information contained on this site is as reliable as we can possibly make it.

    Occassionally we have to be a bit blunt to make our point.
  6. samantha

    samantha Elite Member

    merlin thank you, i do understand your pionts and they are very good pionts but there are some things i know from experience as well.

    i am not trying to give false information, i do not need to be blunty corrected, i along with aslot of people respond better to a more open minded friendly attitude. if he had put it a different way it would not have offended me at all.if he had responded in your tone i would not have took offense to it, i am very open to other peoples opinions and would not have shunned at him correcting me in a more respectful manner. in fact i welcome his input, along with everyone elses, i was not trying to be rude towards him eigther honestly i try very hard to be patient and kindly in the way i say and do things while still getting my meaning across.
    i was always told not to eat paper*hehe..* because it wasnt digestible, and it is very possible for the lil guy to get a piece in his mouth while chomping a bug, most of it does turn to mush but did you notice you can always squeez it and its still solid? once its not completely drenched and is compacted it is solid again.
    i did not think that they were desert dwellers? so that was irresponsible, and i am sorry, you would not be able to keep them in sand or newspaper.i didnt mean i tried it with leos, i mean i use it in my other aquariums, and it can be maintained well with the herps i have so long as they dont find them and eat them i also have a worm farm and do worm composting, the manner they can live in an aquarium is very simple, i wil clarify i did not mean to not clean, i said for him to still clean as well as he could but that the worms to improve the siol, and will in fact break down and digest waste of most any kind. they also can live in moderate, not dry or too wet siol, but can also be maintained in a almost wet siol. they are not very picky about it, just normal damp dirt wrks fine just like they would live in outside. they go on about there little eating and pooping happily.and just cool dirt not even damp is fine just cannot be bone dry or they will very quickly dry up.
    i was not trying to pretend i knew all about them i was just looking for some feedback for the poster who seemed interested in it and whole heartedly wanted to learn about them. and no one had posted a care sheet so i found one and used it for reference. all i was trying to do was lend some help.and when i post on other boards people will find pages and post the links for me to look at, that was what i was doing here, and i dont always like to add another E explorer up i thought i would post it here so he didnt have to go to another place.
    i am sorry rich that i left conflicting information my intentions were good, and the manner you came off hurt my feelings very much.please do not be so blunt next time i am not closed off to your opinions or views, and i will listen.
  7. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    I too would find my post rude if I were the one being told that what I posted was inaccurate and misleading. That is the nature of humans.

    However, I wasn't trying to be rude with you. I will admit that the more I read your post, the more annoyed I got. I have a low tolerance for inaccurate information. This is particularly true when we are discussing a species that I am very much educated on.

    My post was directed at your post. Your post contains a great deal of inaccurate and misleading info. Your follow up posts also held some inaccurate and misleading info.

    If you want to help people, that is great. However, you aren't helping anyone when you come across a caresheet, and can't tell if it is any good. That only comes with experience and unless you have it, you shouldn't be doing that.

    From your first post, right up to the one that stated you haven't owned a leo, I believed you were doing this to your leo. (That just goes to show how misleading your post was.)

    Now go and read my post again. Look past that I am directly picking apart your post, and read the info that I posted. Do you want to discuss any of that info? Would you like to discuss why your soil idea with leopard geckos is potentially fatal? I am sure that if your info was accurate, and you knew for certain that it was, we would be discussing this further than we have. However, without the experience with the species, you wouldn't be able to argue those points with someone that does have the experience. THAT is the point I want to make.

    If you are willing to post something, you need to make certain that it is factual. If you wouldn't be willing to debate the info with someone,(or couldn't because you really don't know its accuracy) then you shouldn't be posting it. That shows a clear and unmistakeable uncertainty.

    Your post should have started with " I have no experience with this species, and I am not familiar with their care but I found this caresheet on the net. Use it at your own discretion." You would not be feeling that I was rude toward you if you had posted that. That would have eliminated your cuptability for the post.

    My post was aimed at discrediting your post. If that is rude, then I am guilty. However, I wanted RBL to get the right info, so he could make the best choice for him and administer proper husbandry to that reptile.

    I will appologize that you deemed my post as rude. That was never the intention. I only wanted to discredit your information.
  8. Mr. T

    Mr. T Established Member

    wow this is probabaly the most informative thread i have read in a long time! i would also suggest a leo. they are amazing little lizards. the only problem with them is what morph to choose from:D
  9. rbl

    rbl MacGyver in real life

    Well... I don't know where to start, maybe by thanking everyone that kindly took their time to answer all my questions and tried to explain in laymen's terms, things already simple.
    I can't explain how sad I am, I don't have the language skills to do it in a language that's not my own.
    I will no longer buy the beardie.
    It was a very though decision because it's the right one to take.
    Without spending a lot of money (which I can't afford right now), I have no guaranties that the current terrarium set up (where I've placed already all my budget) will ever work properly. Without that guarantee I will not place any living creature inside it.

    In the next few months there won't be any extra money in the household so I hope that in the summer I can afford and order abroad some proper equipment.
    Until them, I'll keep an eye on HC, its users and their multiple legs/legless mates =)

    Thanks again!
  10. BoaBabe448

    BoaBabe448 Active Member

    Crested Gecko, or a Leopard Gecko.

    I have 2 Leos and 1 crestie. My crested gecko is easier to care for. They do not recquire any heat if your house's temps are in the 70's. You can feed them a powder food called Crested Gecko Diet that gives them everything they need, and you can feed baby food and crickets as treats. They get 12 inches long. They are very inquisitive, and friendly. THey recquire a 15 gallon tank when full grown, wich is like a 10 gallon but has more height. They are VERY easy to carefor, and are very nice. My crestie is more tame than my leos. And they are nocturnal, so no lights. YOu feed them every day/everyother day.

    I would say Beardie, as they are awesome. But with the space limit I dont think it would work out.
  11. samantha

    samantha Elite Member

    if i intend to use another caresheet that i have found i will put that at the top. and i will also speak mostly from experience form now on. i am sorry to have tested your tolerance.

    rbl, i am sorry to hear that you will not be getting a herp yet, at least you will have more time to study. i knowo what its like to not have money coming in so having to sacrifice or go way out your way. but i am glad you will still hang around here :)
  12. NeonTetraFan

    NeonTetraFan Elite Member

    I too agree with the Leopard Gecko idea.
  13. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Very educational

    First of all, Ricardo, I'm sorry to hear that you won't be getting a herp at the moment. It takes a great deal of self-knowledge and self-discipline to be able to admit that you're not ready (financially, with the set up, knowledge or whatever) to give the proper care to an animal.
    When you are ready: you and your herp will both profit from this decision.

    With regards to the information-correction exchanges: Samantha, I can understand why you felt hurt, but because of this thread; I (and I'm sure many others) have learned how important it is to pass on information that is as accurate as possible.

    When I have a problem or question about my snakes (which is OFTEN) I post it here because I'm counting on knowledgeable and experienced people's advice. The advice I get here at HC is EXTREMELY valuable to me; because my "reptile-specialist veterinarian" doesn't own (and I believe never has owned ) snakes!!
    There is A LOT of misinformation out there: and I've come to feel that Rich and the Admins and the people on this site really strive to keep up to date on the best herp care possible and try to steer owners or potential owners onto the right path.
    In spite of all the fun stuff (contests, picture-sharing,chatting, funny stories) this site is still my MAJOR reference source for top of the line herp care info and I applaud Rich's firm, no-nonsense responses.
    It's a good reminder (to all of us) to think carefully about what we post here, and quote our sources: be it an internet link, a vet's advice, or personal or second-hand experience.
    This site has never been about putting anyone down and no one's ever been laughed at or made fun of in any way (that I've seen.) Try not to take it personally.
  14. robins775

    robins775 New Member

    O.K., lets go in a different direction.How about a small turtle or tortoise. Maybe a Red Eared Slider or a small tortoise.Try and you can go to classifieds or look up different care sheets on other breeds.I have turtles and tortoises and they make great pets and they all have different personalities. Just a thought.
  15. rbl

    rbl MacGyver in real life

    Robins, this thread is more than a year old! I now have the herps you see on my sig =)
  16. iam_a_legend06

    iam_a_legend06 Well-Known Member

    A leo is the best starter reptile i have four in a breeding community they are simple they are almost tame from the start thoughwhen i go to pick them up the croak or bark but once out they're calm and will run about and climb up onto my head and sit there happily for hours.
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