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Am I Crazy? Or Are They?

Discussion in 'Green Tree Pythons' started by sp1jp, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. sp1jp

    sp1jp Member

    Hey guys! New here. I've been doing my research for a long time and I feel I am ready for a Chondro. My only Issue is, Since Rico at Signal herp has been dealing with his medical condition, I am having the hardest time finding a quality GTP. I live in Ontario, Canada and there doesn't seem to be any breeders. A certain shop I saw at the expo a few weeks ago had a beautiful Merauke but were asking 1200$!!!! This blew my mind. But after finding out he was captive bred and being only a year and half old I kind of fell in love. I tried to haggle them down a bit but they said 1000 is the lowest they can go. I was considering offering 900 but even that seems like a bit too much. What do you guys think?

    And If anyone can refer me to a breeder or someone who deals with Captive breds. Please do, It would mean a lot.

    Here he is, He does have a stunning amount of white.


    EDIT: Also I noticed it looked like he had a bad shed. Which tells me they haven't been keeping the humidity High enough. Mind you there have been a few events around here lately and he might have been traveling a lot. Regardless, People I have spoken with have nothing but good things to say about the store.
  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    JoeyG or Projo would be the ones to ask about other breeders as they seem to be the most involved with chondros however knowing one that deals with canada may be tricky. however for an adult chondro 1000 doesnt seem like too bad of a price.
  3. EriksExotics

    EriksExotics Elite Member

    I'd pay $1,200 for him.. If they offered to go down to $1,000, go for it. Don't low ball them. That's an amazing animal right there and he's worth every penny.

    You're definitely the crazy one ;) (joking!!)

    Let us know if you go for him
  4. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Hey John sorry it took so long to get back to you on the forum. Finally made it to my lap top :D I did find something that you may find interesting..... say Canadian breeders perhaps... lol hope this helps; Canadian breeders ? in Morelia Viridis Forum, Green Tree Python Forum, Chondro Forum Forum Let me know if the link works for you but you'll have to join our forum to contact these guys. I've done business with several guys from mvf and I stand behind the breeders there, really top notch guys and willing to offer all kinds of support. if you have any questions about any certain breeder ask and they'll let you know what the deal is.

    Signal herp is awesome and Rico is truly a great man but importing I know gets pricy. I do believe that chondros cost a bit more there but don't get taken. It's a beautiful animal but one, it looks more Aru to me (not that it's bad) but the seller should have all the info on it and who bred it and hatch dates, two 1200 for a undocumented unsexed animal is too much. At this age it should have been sexed and then only a male with a history and blood line or a female can ask for those prices... IMHO. My Merauke without papers was not even that much and she was sexed already and a adult.

    As to the shed on it I agree, it happens to the best of us I must admit :( It was a particular cold winter where I'm at and my furnace running all the time killed me during sheds.... I recovered well with all but one. Still having issues I'm sorry to say though I've done my best to help the animal. Another shed and it should work out.

    I tried explaining your other questions about the exo terras as best as I could think, but if you have any further questions on it let me know man.
  5. sp1jp

    sp1jp Member

    Yeah, I messaged JoeyG! The reason I joined the forum was from seeing some of his post's after doing a google search. I think I will end up picking this guy up. Apparently he is pretty good with handling as well.
  6. sp1jp

    sp1jp Member

    Thank's! I was almost set to go get this guy, But I would defiantly prefer a breeder with a good reputation. I'll join the forum and shoot off some messages. The store closest to me had some amazing snakes produced by Rico and it seem's I just missed the last Biak of his they had for 600. She was a gem, Nice high yellow. A bit of an attitude tho.

    As for the guy I'm looking at, He really is stunning but I thought 800 was a fair price( they didnt ). He is sexed tho. Defiantly a Male
    My biggest issue was I know a few people who have gotten one of Rico's designer lines with very high blues for the same price, And any day of the week I would take one of Rico's. I'm gunna message them again and ask if they know the breeder because they did say he was bred locally and they are located in Toronto. Again thanks for all the help! I'll keep this thread updated. If He is by chance bred by someone with a good reputation I was thinking of offering 900. He has a ton of white and seems very docile. Also has some blue marking's on his nose which tell me he might get a bit more blue in the future.
  7. JoeyG

    JoeyG Subscribed User Premium Member

    Check with the guys around there that are on the link, they may know something about it and where it came from. Arus are absolute beauties!!!!!
  8. 0999

    0999 New Member

    I have seen that snake since November when it was posted at 1500 , than it went down to 1200 around January I think , than at the downsview expo it was marked at 1000. it is a stunning gtp for the price . it being marked down again and again , someone will eventually pick it up , they had one for 650 and 850 at that expo I believe and they sold . the meruke is nicer looking and slightly more, but worth it imo . I was planning on buying it for future breeding projects if it was still available in the near future. you can try tails and scales , or serpent and the lizard from Montréal , the serpent and lizard has a biak x aru female from signal herp I believe unless it has sold. hope some of this information helps if any questions you can msg me as well

    Nick James

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