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Alligator Lizard - Sick - Need Advice

Discussion in 'Alligator Lizards' started by Amerie, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Amerie

    Amerie New Member

    To keep the long story short, I found a juvenile alligator lizard by my parking spot at my complex. I pinched it and it wrapped itself around my finger, didn't even bite. I took it inside since it seemed too easy a catch and it was cold outside. I found that it was missing part of its tail and had limited mobility in its legs. I thought I'd heal it up then send it out come summer. I didn't invest much in it, feeding it crickets and placing it in a tank by the window that got plenty of sun. It was going well, it grew in size and the tail recovered. It has been a year now and summer is approaching so I thought this was going to be the time to release it. Recently, it took a turn and seems to have shedding problems again and the tip of the tail has broken off. In another forum (which is now closed) I was advised to use potting soil to hold moisture and aide with shedding. It now has a lamp with a high UVB rating, though it hardly ever comes out of its hide to use it. Research says Calcium and Vitamins are good! but how much and how often is not something anyone has disclosed. I've decided to keep her and help her recover to her best point since I doubt her front legs are recoverable,seeing how she's only had mobility at the shoulder since I found her.

    To The Point: If there is any advice anyone has I would like to hear it. I give it vitamins every 3 days and calcium most days (same schedule as my leopard gecko), about 4-5 crickets. Worried about possible infections she could get. Saw some red spots on her back and thought it was blood or skin drying out under the scales but it seems to be her colors. This has made me wonder, can you rub natural oils on the scales of a lizard? I found another juvenile drowning in a pool a few months ago and have it in a mirrored environment without issues. I want to remove the excess skin off my lizard but don't know how without frightening it and making it lose its tail. I'm worried that necessary energy to recovery will be spent on the newly forming tail if that were to occur. So, any suggestions on handling? Thanks for listening.

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