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Alligator Lizard Eggs

Discussion in 'Alligator Lizards' started by Wolf555666, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Wolf555666

    Wolf555666 Active Member

    I recently caught a female allegator lizard in my backyard and named it Alexa. after about 4 days it layed 7 eggs in my aquarium. I found them the next mourning and started researching care for them. I placed them in a Tupperware container with very fine moist soil and buried them about a 1/4 of the way into the soil. Sadly shortly after ants got into Alexa's aquarium and killed her. Making me want at least one egg to survive even more. That was a month ago and I'm expecting them to hatch about 3 or 4 weeks from now. I recently noticed however that some eggs started getting dimples in them. I found out it was a moisture problem and sure enough when I added more water the eggs plumped right back up. But now the egg that had the worst dimple is getting a slight yellow to the bottom of it and the bottom only. Is it mold or a failing egg? Should I try wiping it off? Is there something I should do to the soil in the container? The inside of the egg looks fine. I candle it a lot to see if the state of the inside changes and it doesn't. I'm fine if it ends up failing. I just want to know how I can prevent it if it happens to my other eggs. I'd love to hear anything that you think would be helpful! Thanks!
  2. Wolf555666

    Wolf555666 Active Member

  3. Wolf555666

    Wolf555666 Active Member

    There are the eggs, the trouble some egg is slightly smaller and on the bottom right corner in first pic. Bottom in second and left in third.
  4. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    It looks fine. Just leave it alone unless it turns very dark or gets covered in mold or something.
    The soil looks pretty dry although I've never had alligator lizard eggs. Try moistening it up a little and also putting a lid on the container if you don't have one already.
  5. Wolf555666

    Wolf555666 Active Member

    The soil is a lot more moist than it looks. After wetting it down I placed some dry soil on top. I heard that doing this will help make the soil more like outside where the top layer is more dry.
  6. Wolf555666

    Wolf555666 Active Member

    Oh and thank you for coming to my other threads and shedding some light on the subject. I appreciate it a lot.

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