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Alexander's "anolis Sagrei" Thread.

Discussion in 'Anoles' started by MantidBro, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    This thread will basically consist of the lives of my Anolis sagrei. I will be sharing photos and videos and information based on my experience with my particular anoles.

    December: Collected Anolis sagrei (Brown Anoles) while in Florida; Victor (adult male) and Rusti (adult female). Bought a second adult male (Scribs) at Petco.









    January 9th: Victor and Rusti mated for the first time.


    January - April: Victor and Rusti mated continuously.

    Here is Rusti running around while Victor has her in his teeth, preparing to mate.

    Here is one instance where she ran off while he was doing the deed. His reproductive organ is visible in this video.

    Here is another instance where she didn't run off; just a proper video of them mating.

    April 2nd: I did a deep cleaning of their enclosures, and found that Rusti had laid 4 eggs. They are currently incubating in a container.


    (I'd just put the temperature/humidity gauge in there, so it wasn't accurate yet. It is now 82F and 80% humidity.)


    Rusti is quite wide and looks ready to lay another.

    To Be Continued...
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  2. Jay1718

    Jay1718 Established Member

    Beautiful lizards! Be sure to post picks of the babies hatching.
    Can the sex be determined by the temperature at which they are incubated?
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  3. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Nice anoles. How are you incubating the eggs? I often just left them in the enclosure and all hatched
    I tried that a few times and I didn't notice a correlation between the two and had about 50/50 results but I also just guessed what temperatures to try for males or females at
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  4. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    Will do.
    I'm honestly not sure about that.
  5. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    I considered letting them hatch in the enclosure but I'm pretty sure the male would eat them so I thought it'd be best to remove them and put them in their own container. I'm incubating them by providing them with a temperature of 80F and 80% humidity.
  6. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    He likely would.
    I should have clarified I meant I put
    the eggs in a container in the enclosure
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  7. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    Ooh I gotchya!
  8. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    July 16th

    Unfortunately, Victor died. He will be missed. He was my favorite, he was such a beast and held wonderful memories. I was not sure of his age, I captured him when he was an adult.

    A week ago, one of the eggs hatched. I noticed when I came home from work.

    20170708_171753.jpg 20170716_130831.jpg

    Looks just like Rusti!
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  9. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    Three more anoles hatched. I found 9 more eggs. One hatched but the baby died unfortunately. I'm not sure why. But one death out of four isn't bad. They all look like Rusti.
  10. MantidBro

    MantidBro Active Member

    I have 9 babies now, and the eggs keep coming. I'm going to sell some babies, so message me if you're interested. They're all Red-Headed Brown Anoles.

    Look at how well they're doing. They're so cute. They feed on fruit flies currently.

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