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Aggressive Columbian Tegu? What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'Tegu' started by Hkg, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    Okay so to start off, I'm sorry for all my posts here. I know it probably gets annoying. Anyways I got a columbian tegu a week ago. He is 2 years old. The previous owner is going into the air force so he needed a new home. I see way to many bigger reptiles oncraigslist that are neglected then dumped on someone else to die. I didn't want this tegu (my favorite type of lizard) to have the same experience. So I took him in. I don't want to call him aggressive because he hasn't tried anything to harm me. But he is shy, scared, and vocal I guess you could say... If I touch him he huffs and puffs. If he's out and about and I walk in and look at him he huffs and puffs at me. I'm rather affraid to touch his back or actual body (I've only lightly pet his tail) just because I'm affraid Of him actually tryin To bite. Other than this issue he is doing great!! Anyway, at last moment I found out I'm moving (I found out last night, my family and I have to be out by Monday). My dads agreement with the landlord says we will buy the house after a year or move out. My dads business plan happens a week after the day they said to move out and they won't wait for the plan to go through so we can buy the place. So we found another house not a mile away. So that's good I guess. If I would have know we were moving I would have waited another week to get him. But that's not how it played out. I have to move this guy now, how should I go about it? I need to take him out of the cage because I need to flip the cage on its side so it can fit though the door. So he can't be in it. Right now I think I'll cover him with a towel and lift him and put him in a box. But anyother suggestions would be great! I want it to be as stress free as can be!! And I know getting the tegu before a move is irresponsible, I had no idea it would play out like this. Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    As far as moving, He's just going to have to deal with it. Leave the lights off, as most lizards are diurnal. Some lizards will simply stay asleep if the light does not wake them. A towel to cover him may be a good idea, and you can transport him in a plastic rubbermaid container - they make those in dark colors. Drill holes for ventilation, if it does not already have them (many do for child safety reasons.)

    After the move:

    I know it's for small lizards, but the principle is the same.
  3. Hkg

    Hkg Elite Member

    Okay. Well I'm moving him later in the day. I have school at 9 to 2:30 I think. Than I'm gonna go home aNd move him to the new house. So should I still leave the lights off? I don't really want him getting cold or sick. I'll see what I can do. I think I have a ceramic heat emitter around. I don't know if I packed it already. I'll see. If it's not packed I'll use that to keep it at about 75 probably all day.
  4. jaydsr2887

    jaydsr2887 Elite Member

    for a tegu, you should always use a ceramic heat emitter or a radiant heat panel on a thermostat at night...... so he shouldnt get cold..... but when i transported my iguana i wrapped him in my heavy duty thermal and as darkbird said put him in an appropriate sized box.....

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