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African Spurred Tortoise

Discussion in 'Tortoises' started by Ace, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You might look into redfoot tortoises. They have a lot of personality and don't get anywhere near the size of a sulcatta. We had a shop around here that had one as the store pet for years. Just wandered loose around the shop!
  2. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    Or a Russian tortoise. :)
    Penelope has the personality of a huge tort but is small. She acts just like what Nicole talks about, temper tantrums and all just a smaller package!lol
  3. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    It is not that they don't adjust to captivity, they are just severe creatures of habit, so that makes it a little difficult to go anywhere, especially when it is winter and they cannot go outside. If you are not there to feed at the time he is used to, that's it, it's all over, lol. I know I will come home to something destroyed in my house.

    Here is one that just happened recently. I had a doctors appointment for one of my kids early in the morning. I shut my door to my room and checked on Oscar under the computer table , he was snoring as usual, I was hoping to be back before he woke as it was raining and I could not put him out. Well, I did not get back in time and he wandered down the hallway to go and ram my bed as usual to let me know he wanted his breakfast. Well, the door was closed, so instead of turning around, he rammed the door right off the hinges, when I returned I saw this and he was ramming my bed as if I was in it.

    As soon as I went and touched him and turned him around, he followed me to the kitchen, ate his breakfast, then went back to his spot for another nap. UGHHH! He is so lucky I love him,lol.
  4. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    that is cute though! nice to know you live with the king.

    I want to get a tort but not a big one haha. little attitude.
  5. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    Thanks Nicole, I love reading about Oscar and what he's been doing.

    I think it is time for a photo shoot and his own thread.:D
  6. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Now could we just set up their own room? Like if you had a spare room and installed a gate they could not get out? put linoleum down on the floor and 3 feet up the walls, then heat it? Then you could provide basking areas, no need for diapers and year round containment?
  7. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    I am not so sure a room would be enough, they are natural wanderers of large areas. Granted they are creatures of habit and will wander the same area over and over. I know Oscar would not be okay with just a room. He wanders my 5 bedroom house, repeatedly throughout the day. The WHOLE house, lol. I think a normal size room would be just too small.
  8. reptilefanatic

    reptilefanatic New Member

    hello guys, I'm from the philippines hope guys can tell me personal care of your sulcatas those torts are great I do have now a juv and I'm planninh to get six of them, I also have a pair of Indian Stars, hope we can exchange ideas here in forum. I'll post some pics in he future so you can see them thanks..
  9. Jacqui

    Jacqui Elite Member

    I know this thread is a little old, but I had a blast reading about Oscar. Hope your handy enough to be able to make all the repairs yourself. Good thing he didn't learn from the bathroom experience how to get a drink all by himself...via the water pipe.

    Audry, has your husband ever actually been around one? Not the cute baby stage, the stubborn adult stage? Maybe spend a day cleaning up after one?
  10. amcgltdchix

    amcgltdchix New Member

    I have a leopard spot that has full run of my house. He snuggles against the fridge or dishwasher and in the AM he wakes up and walks allll the way into the living room to eat next to his girlfriend, my parrot :)
  11. Ace

    Ace Elite Member

    Yes, He has! You would think that would help huh?lol
  12. Jacqui

    Jacqui Elite Member

    Yes, because a lot of folks change their mind after that eye opening experience. Sounds like he is really settled on getting one.
  13. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    It worked for me! I started working at the zoo, and saw the red-foot tortoises, and thought they were cute (I still think they are cute) but after smelling them, and having one on a program, and realizing that during the warmer months, they poop nonstop, I completely changed my mind.
  14. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    Is it too late to change my mind? lol.
  15. r18add

    r18add Member

    hi guys and and girls,iv got a spur and he,s just over 90lb now,he,s outside all year round,I'm from the united kingdom (love this site),I had my spur from 6oz 16 years ago,its been quite hard work for the last 5 years but will never regret getting him,they do take quite a bit of time up,all you need to do is do a lot of home work on these fantastic otrts before you buy one,if anyone would like to ask me anything will be more than glad to help.

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