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African Clawed Frog Filtration

Discussion in 'Amphibian - General' started by testro, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. testro

    testro Member

    I have had an ACF for about 6 months now. However, until yesterday I have kept it in a very small tank in about 4 inches of water so it is only about 2 inches long which is small for a female of that age (it was about 1 inch long when I bought it). I feed it dried blood worms and frog/tadpole pellets. Yesterday I bought a 20 gallon long tank and a Tetra Whisper EX20 filter and I have a few questions about the filtration, housing and growth of the frog.

    1) I'm pretty sure the frog's growth has been stunted due to the previous small tank size. Will it grow properly now that it is in a large tank?

    2) The frog is small so the water level is around 6.5 inches. This does not meet the minimum water level for the Tetra EX20 (around 9 inches) so this filter is not sucking up any water. Is it safe to have 9 inches of water for a 2 inch frog or should I get a different filter/wait til she grows? Perhaps there is a way to bypass the minimum water level on this filter?

    3) Once my filtration problem is solved, how often should I be cleaning this tank or replacing the water? What should my new cleaning routine consist of?

    4) I use tap water that I treat with Seachem Prime. Do I have to let this water sit for 24 hours before putting the frog in or is that only for when you don't use any treatment? If not, how long should I wait before putting the frog in?

    I apologize for the multiple questions but I don't get to log on a lot and I want to cover everything. Thanks.
  2. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    1. Tank size does not dictate animal size. That's a myth. What WILL dictated animal size is diet and care.

    2. You can have the 9 inches of water, just fine.

    3. I would do a monthly 1/3 water change, with some in between changes maybe just cleaning the bottom of the tank with a little suction.

    4. I'm not familiar with Seachem Prime, but as long as it takes out chlorine and cloritamines, its fine to use right away. Be sure to give it a good sloosh.
  3. ^agree

    Be sure your tank has a cover because ACF's sometimes jump/swim upwards so fast they can get out if you don't have a top. I keep my water line about 4" from the top so they don't hurt themselves by hitting the cover. 9" will be fine for your frogs, they're fully aquatic so it's not a problem. Prime in my opinion is the best product of it's kind on the market, you'll be fine there, just be sure to have some aeration if you can right after putting it in. Most people don't know this, but dechlorinators also take small amounts of dissolved oxygen out of the water column, not usually enough to kill fish or amphibians, but enough to stress the more sensitive species a bit. Usually the turbulence from the water dropping from your filter will be good enough. But if you don't have an air pump, be sure that there is surface agitation for gas exchange. ACF's are pretty dirty, they eat a lot and subsequently poop a lot. In a 20-gal it could get pretty gross quite quickly. I would suggest 50% water changes every 2 weeks. That way if you go out of town or just can't get to it, you've got a little bit of tolerance to skip a week if needed, but don't get used to doing that or you'll do it EVERY time, then when all of a sudden you can't, you'll come home to a dead frog which will make you sad :( Make sure when you do your water changes you siphon the gravel. One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is they do water changes but never clean the gravel. When I do my water changes, I hold the siphon tube into the gravel, you'll see the waste travel up the water column, then once it gets clear, I pinch the flexible tubing to stop the siphon for a second, then let the gravel fall down back into place and move the tube to the next spot and let go of the tube again. That's how you make your water changes more efficient. I like to replace my filter cartridge every other water change and on the water changes that I don't change it, I rinse it. I hope this helps you out, Good Luck!

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