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African Bullfrog Male

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by oxamberxo, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. oxamberxo

    oxamberxo Member

    Hi guys - I'm tentatively looking for a new home for my male pyxie frog. He is 4 years old and healthy. He eats well, mainly any type of worm and crickets. He's pretty aggressive but very cool. I am a little torn about selling him but I'm hoping to find someone who can give him a better home and attention then I currently am. Also, he won't come with a tank.

    I live in South Jersey (Gloucester County) and I would prefer someone local. I am not going to ship him, sorry.

    If you can provide a good home, make an offer.


    Meet Kade:

    60454_10150263822795068_6862558_n.jpg 164186_10150368437915068_3757331_n.jpg 168777_10150368438135068_1061339_n.jpg

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