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Advice Please - Selling & Shipping to Canada.

Discussion in 'Kingsnakes' started by Albino_O, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Albino_O

    Albino_O Member

    I'm no breeder just fond of funky looking snakes. So, I'm selling one of my snakes and from what I understand this person lives in Canada. And I live in the US. I don't have a "US export permit" and from what I gather he doesn't have "Canadian import permit" but can't be sure of that unless I ask but he could lie, shrugs. He keeps insisting that this "Movers, Company" will transport the snake back to where he is.

    "Hello, sorrie I can't sell you the bugger do to that I do not have a US export permit. As I do not want to risk breaking any export laws and or laws period." ~Me.

    "Hello There and I would like to let u know that I will be having my shipping company come over for the pick up so you don't have to ship any where..." ~Buyer.​

    I told him that I can't sell the animal to him because of the legal reasons, however I do not know if I sell the animal to him and he gets caught bringing it over to Canada. Will I get implicated for his illegal bit?

    Any thoughts suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  2. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    re: Advice Please - Selling & Shipping to Canada.

    Kinda sounds like a scam to me.
  3. fire2225ems

    fire2225ems Subscribed User Premium Member

    re: Advice Please - Selling & Shipping to Canada.

    Yeah, sounds fishy... You didn't happen to sell it over Craigslist did you?
  4. Albino_O

    Albino_O Member

    re: Advice Please - Selling & Shipping to Canada.

    Yes it was sounding very shady as I have been getting several hits on FaceBook. For all that I know it could be the same person. They all state the same thing just said in diff ways but the basic things where paid by "Cashier's Certified Check" where I only deal in PayPal and they keep insisting to use their own form of shipping. Where I'm like why make it hard for me when it's simple. Give me you zip code where I can get Fed-Ex to pick it up and you have it by the next day.

    Wanted to sell it on Craigslist but they don't allow selling animals just "adoption fee" I also considered but fees to use that. There was another site however seems to busy and my simple ad seems to get lost with all the other postings. Shrugs.
  5. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    re: Advice Please - Selling & Shipping to Canada.

    If you wouldn't mind could you post your dealings with the person? Were they emails or what? It sounds very much like a scam.
  6. Albino_O

    Albino_O Member

    "Hi Seller,

    Is your item still available for sale???

    However, the payment for your item will be inform of US Cashier's
    check/Certified check.

    If yes,please get back to me with your final price of your item asap.

    Here is my email address to get back to me at:*****************

    Best Regards,

    NOTICE:If you are ready and willing to sell your item for me please contact me
    directly to my E-MAILS ADDRESS AT: *****************

    What i said:

    Hello Christine,

    Yes the Orange bugger is still available. Yes, Cashier's
    check/Certified check would work fine. :) I'm asking $***.** for him not including shipping. I'm not sure the cost of shipping, however form many shipments of recisving animals from the mail. I pay about $50 but if you live near by, you'd save but if you don't. I'd need to talk to fedex and see how much it cost to ship to your location and would need your zip code.

    Take Care!

    She said :

    Hello Seller,

    Sounds good. I will inform my debtor in the United States to issue out the payment to you to the tune of the amount he owes me.

    All you need do as soon as you receive the payment from my debtor is to deduct the cost of your item and get the excess fund on the payment send via Western Union to my shipper's company so that they can come for the picking up of the item from you in your location

    I will give you an extra $40 on the cost of your item which will serve as an inconvience fees for helping me send the excess money to the shipper's the same day you receive the package containing the payment.

    Please confirm your name and address as well as a telephone number as soon as possible if you are ready and willing to continue with this transaction so that I can inform my debtor to issue out the payment in your name in time.

    I await your reply.


    I said:

    Hello buyer,

    I would love to help you, however the issue with that i'm strap for time, as i work at night and pretty much in the day i am dead tired and if not asleep lol:) it's generous of you to add the extra amount but unfortunately i don't think i have the time for the extra bits. Simple, i was going to packed up him and have fed-ex do all the work and from there you'd have your bugger. So not sure where you'd like to go from here.....

    take care,

    After that i didn't hear from her again up until i thought it was a new guy but read what he wrote and it was like a broken record......

    Hello, My name is Kirk Neabeck.Am interested in immediate purchase of your item
    without any delay....And I'll like to know the following questions regarding the
    ad. Q#1. How long have you owned it? Q#2. a) Have you owned it from new? b) If
    not how many previous owner? Q#3. Why are you selling it? Q#4. In your opinion,
    what sort of condition is it? Q#5. Any available photo? Q#6. How much are you
    asking for it? I'll like to have the response to these question in your earliest
    conviniency. E-mail me directly to my private e-mail (**********
    I check it everyday.

    Kind Regards
    Kirk Neabeck.

    I said:

    Wow, didn't think facebook there be any hits but em amazed. Anyways nice to hear from you Kirk. I have only own this bugger for nearly two months and his just born sometime last year. I guess i am the second owner as i got this from a Kingsnake Breeder, which i believe is located in Texas, Rainier I am selling him for two reason i have already have a zoo of pets Geckos, Marine, Mantis and my three other Kingsnakes (, albino speckled, some new phased albino hybrid and a grey variable) and the Albino Jurassic Hybrid is the fourth in my collection. So in short i'm down sizing. Where is a bit more affordable to have three snakes. As i can maintain and give them the needed attention they require. Second reason is that he nips, which its like having hair brush bristles pressed on your, however all hatchlings will nip and musk on you. Given time they grow out of that and pretty much act like legs-less It's just a shame that I don't have the extra time to give him a MORE needed care. Plus i work at night, which makes all things Anyways his a great small bugger, once he has chilled down he just sits on your hand and or crawls around. Sure for the pictures just noticed on FaceBook they don't give you the whole picture. I am asking for a price of $190.00 not including shipping and would require your zip code to give you an exact price on FEDEX Overnight by 10:30 AM or 3:00 PM. I purchased him for much more plus the added shipping. So i think it's a fair deal :) Let me know if the picture came through alright.

    Thank you for taking the time to see the ad & take care,

    He said:

    Thanks for so much for the prompt response. The payment will be issue and mail out as soon as possible and i want you to understand that some amount have been place on the check which is meant for the items and the shipping company that will come for the pick up as soon as you received the payment.Which you are to send the rest fund to the shippers that is in charge of the shipping of the item.All what you need to do is to take the payment to your bank or to any cashing point around you and get it cashed and deduct the cost of your item,also deduct sum amount of $30 for yourself for taking your time and your effort and wire the rest of the fund via Money Gram to the shipping company that will be in charge of the shipping of the item. That will be the same day you received .Pls response to some question that I'm having for you: 1] can we trust you with the money? 2]can we take you from your word? 3] will you help to wire the excess fund the same day you cash the check to the shipping company that will be in charge of the shipment of the item? With your response to all this question,it will give me authority to go ahead and issue the check to you. Kindly get back to me with the name you want on the payment: Address: City: State:Zip Code: Valid Home&Cell phone # Email address :

    Kirk Neabeck

    At this point my head was hurting....

    Hello Kirk, please forgive my hesitation on this inquiry and my direct form of response. I do not want to sound and or be rude but i'm tired from work, however please understand my position. As "trust" is iffy, as another person had message me before you. Who had wrote similar content as you have. I'm safe to assume you are the guy that this person, " Lynnae Sommers <aka Christine " is referring to.

    If the question is about trust and 'my word'; please do me the same regard or rather your friend. As this person hasn't said his or "her" name, however from the contact information on facebook had "Christine Kuo" and the email provided states "Lynnae Sommers". To me this all seems very 'shady' and i am not about to send my soon to be ex pet to an uneasy transaction. Like i said to 'hello buyer' I'm sorry i can not go through the extra effort as you are now both are asking me to do. I do not have the time, period. As this payment transaction process in orders me to take what no time. i have like i have stated perviously. I don't think i will sell my "nipping bugger snake" to you or "her' As this animal require overnight shipping and simple payment in my part, which i'll need to update in the ad...

    I'm sorry
    again take care,

    As i got another 5 more hits of the same *bleep* i swear did spam get smarter or more annoying.
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Something just sounds very off to me! I would not go for it.
    Furthermore if you do take part in this transaction and knowingly ship an animal across borders in violation of law, you WILL be a part of the crime no matter how the transporting is done and will be liable for the same criminal charges that would apply if you personally tried to sneak it thru in a box in your car!
  8. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    Yikes, that is a scary situation. The whole thing sounds ridiculous! I would be done with trying to sell him for a while. I think what you have posted is fair, you pay, I ship, lol. You also need to watch with all the cashiers checks and so forth, there are a lot of fraudulent ones running around. It sounds like he is really not wanting to give you his/her real name. That would make me a lot concerned! By the time you realized it was a fraudulent check, this person would have your snake, and good luck tracking it down with a fake name,lol. I would pull the add for a while, and maybe try again in a couple of months, or try something local.

    Good luck!
  9. MoogleBass

    MoogleBass Kittes are so nice! Premium Member

    Aren't they non CITES anyway? They still sound fishy. Almost like the Nigerian scamers
  10. fire2225ems

    fire2225ems Subscribed User Premium Member

    It's a scam... I ran into the same thing (almost word for word too) when trying to sell some of my grandad's furniture on Craigslist. I woud just delete/block them...
  11. Albino_O

    Albino_O Member

    Yeah, I'm ignoring it. Like I said to em not gonna sell him if it would have any risk of breaking export or import or any laws period. Might just keep the bugger even tho he nips at me. lol
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