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Advice Needed.....

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Amandadc, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Amandadc

    Amandadc Member

    We got Annabella back in feb. and until now everything has been great with her. Me and my husband were having trouble keeping her humidity where it should was staying about 40% most of the time. I would mist her tank, but then the humidity would shoot up to about 70% and drop back down so I stopped misting it as often. (I was afriad this up and down would give her a respiratory infection) Her first shed was horrible and my husband had to soak her for some of it to come off. Her second shed was perfect, along with her third. Her third and last shed was back in September. The 19th to be exact. Now.....December the 4th we got a new ball so we bought Annabella a bigger tank. With this tank....everything seems to be good. Great temps and perfect humidity. 3 days before we got the new tank, her eyes started getting really dark. She is dull so we thought she was just going to shed. Now her eyes are pitch black and have been for about 3 weeks now. She can not see at all and I have no idea whats going on with her. Friday afternoon, my husband put some logs in her tank and saturday we heard a big thud. She had fallen off ): We got her out and she seemed fine! Later that night when we went to get her out to feed, we noticed she had pooped. was poop cause there is no way that came out that end. It was to big. I am almost positive she regurgitated the mouse from her last feed. Here is where I need help and I am confused. We feed her a med size mouse they sell at the pet store. It is just a tad bit smaller than her belly. We feed her every saturday night. First I am concerned why her eyes are pitch black and she unable to see. Second why she hasn't shed since september and 3rd did the fall scare her enough to make her throw up her food or could this have something to do with her eyes being black? Also, should she not be digesting her food faster than what she is because what she threw up was still really big! I only wish I would have taken pictures so you would be able to see. I don't know whats wrong with my baby, but it has got to suck not being able to see. I called the vet about a week ago and he is out of town until Jan. 5th. They have no emergency back up and the only other herp vet close to me is in Nashville, which is 4 hours away. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!
  2. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Without pictures it's quite difficult to say what's going on with your BP. I don't know why her eyes would turn "black" -- that doesn't sound good. Generally they go grey or blue before shedding.
    Shedding is often based on the amount of food and growth. My BP sheds after almost every meal. But if the mouse you fed is smaller than her belly, that doesn't sound like enough.
    We weigh our snake after they have pooped, and generally feed a mouse or rat that is between 10-15% of the snake's body weight. This way it is easy to know when to move up in size.
    If your snake regurgitated the mouse, it could be for a number of reasons such as low temps, stress, or the mouse was "off" -- if f/t perhaps it was not completely defrosted.
    Make sure the snake has plenty of fresh water at all times, raise the basking spot temps a few degrees if you can. Leave him alone for a week or two before feeding again.

    Take pics of his eyes if you can... I'm curious.

    Sorry if that isn't much help.

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